Worst Case Scenario Of A Collaborative Divorce

Let’s face it. Collaborative divorce is not for every couple seeking to divorce out there. Divorce is mostly a result of a disagreement or some sort of problem between the spouses. When that is the case, most of us do not even want to be in the same room together. That makes it very difficult to proceed with a collaborative divorce successfully.

Many believe that collaborative divorce will cost you less money and time. That could even be so if the couple is willing to discuss matters together while considering needs of both parties.

Collaborative divorce can be cheaper than conventional divorce proceedings via litigation. That is because there will be no charges for court proceedings and so on. But there will be other charges for mental health professionals and even financial specialists.

When it comes to collaborative divorce being faster, yes, you can set your pace. The two spouses can decide when the team needs to meet for discussions. And therefore can take things at your own steady rate. On the other hand, it’s not news to you that court proceeding can drag for months and years on end. In that sense, collaborative divorce is indeed faster.

But what you need to bear in mind is this. All this can happen only if the parties are willing to set aside their differences and come to common agreements, agreements that work for both parties. As there is no threat of court involved, you may have to settle somewhere in between. The worst-case scenario of a collaborative divorce could be an utter waste of time and money. If both parties fail to resolve matters, you will have to start over with conventional divorce via litigation. And this time with new lawyers.

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