Why Should Paternity Be Established?

A father plays a major role in any child’s life. While growing up, having a father’s love and protection can do great deals of good to any child. Both parents are expected to play an equal part in bringing up a child. Even after a divorce, it is so. That is why equal time-sharing is favored in many cases unless it’s deemed unhealthy for the growth and development of the child.

Establishing paternity needs to be given sufficient attention by both fathers and mothers. Establishing paternity is not just crucial for fathers seeking custody and visitation rights to their child. But it is also for mothers who seek to obtain child support for their children.

Today as the trend of marriage is fading away, many couples seek to have kids without tying the knot. The situation prevails lovingly as long as the relationship between the two parents is going strong. But if in any case, the relationship falls apart, matters will start to arise. That is because the husband is naturally assumed to be the father of a child born within marriage. But that does not apply when the child is born outside marriage.

Your Child Support Attorney will tell you the ways you can use to establish paternity in that case. Having an affidavit acknowledging paternity signed by both the mother and father can help you out. Also, make sure that the father’s name appears on the birth certificate of the child. Your Child Support Attorney Orlando will tell you if your case is applicable to establish paternity via an Administrative Order.

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