Healthcare Technology

Why Are CT Tube Prices So High

Back when the father of x-ray technology, Wilhelm Roentgen was still developing x-ray technology, he requested a better discount on x-ray tubes due to the cost being too high. Since those times, times haven’t changed and x-ray tubes, as well as newer CT tubes, are still incredibly expensive. In fact, the price of an OEM tube could be around 175,000 dollars before installation.

So what are CT tubes so expensive?

The reason for CT tubes being so expensive could be due to a variety of reasons including:

  • The materials that are used in the production and manufacturing of CT tubes are expensive.
  • The metals that are used in the production process are costly.
  • Each manufacturer adds a different feature, while each feature is complex, the price would be equally as high as the complex feature added.
  • For the quality of the product, the industry standards are exact.
  • Trained and skilled technicians are required for the manufacturing of the tube.
It is essential to identify that strategic planning could help save money. In this aspect:
  • Before the purchase of a CT system, checking out the cost should be a factor to consider. A thorough evaluation should be performed before getting into the purchase of CT.
  • Reviewing the benefits that may be gained by patients, technology and the cost of service should be done before a CT purchase.

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