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Which Is The Better Choice, Image Intensifier Or Flat Panel Detector

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms are becoming more and more popular today. This may even result in Image Intensifier C-Arms becoming a thing of the past sooner than later. But as it may be, new buyers are still confronted with the issue of going analog or digital. Which is indeed the better option given your needs and budget?

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms are capable of offering much less image degradation than Image Intensifiers. And that too, over a more extended period of time. While Image Intensifiers are indeed capable of providing high-quality images, the quality may decrease over time. Another advantage of the Flat Panel Detector is the ability to magnify without having to reduce scale. And also the higher resolution offered by Flat Panel Detectors makes them the obvious fit for better image quality.

But higher image quality is not the only factor to be considered for many. The budget and the availability are often limiting circumstances. But if you cannot afford a Flat Panel Detector C-Arm, there is no reason to go C-Arm less. Image Intensifier C-Arms are available at much lower prices, and they often suffice for general use in many cases. While Flat Panel Detector C-Arms may not yet be a thing in the used and refurbished markets, their predecessors are. That means that you can even acquire a used or refurbished Image Intensifier C-Arm at an even lower cost.

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms are the obvious choice given an unlimited budget or better image quality over all else. But for many general facilities with a moderate patient turnout, Image Intensifier C-Arms may suffice for now.

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