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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Digital Rad Room.

When deciding to buy a Digital Rad Room for your medical practices, there are important considerations to keep in mind. This would ensure that practitioners get exactly what they require from the Rad Room.

The following information is what practitioners should know before purchasing a Digital Rad Room:

  • Make sure the types of exams to be performed are identified as well as the quantity. This can help determine the right digital system for the facility.
  • Digital Rad Rooms are the perfect option for practitioners that seek to reduce the amount of storage space needed, acquire enhanced image processing, and the ability to enable off-site diagnostic capabilities.
  • When it comes to the requirement of a generator, a high-frequency generator would require less space and would also eliminate the need for high-voltage cables.
  • For fixed DR table systems, there would be constraints when it comes to the positioning. However, some upright digital systems can provide the ability to tilt and allow table base exams for the patients and radiologists convenience.
  • It is required that the systems should be compatible with DICOM 3.0 for all newly purchased digital equipment for radiology purposes. This also includes storage devices. This facility allows future additions to the digital radiography network. However, the seller should provide DICOM statements which would explain in detail which service classes, information objects, and data encodings would be supported by the system.
  • Determine if the current archiving and communications systems are able to accommodate the integration of the new digital rad room for the facility.

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