What Lies In Store If You Fail To Pay Child Support

When two parents divorce, matters regarding their children are usually settled at court and plans are agreed upon. Once this is done, parents are expected to stand by these agreements and fulfill their responsibilities. Payment of child support is one of those many responsibilities. The parent in charge of making those payments needs to do so on time without fail. Failure to do so gives the other parent the legal right to file a motion for contempt.

Then the court evaluates your case and tries to find out if you are in a position to pay. If you are failing to make payments while still being able to, the court can rule against your favor. Even if you think you have a valid reason, you need to have informed of it beforehand. That is you need to request a modification of child support as soon as the initial circumstances change. That is a change of events that bring about a substantial change in income for you.

One of the many possible consequences of failing to pay child support is incarceration. Yes, you can even be put in jail if you fail to pay child support while having the ability. Or you might get your driver’s license suspended.

There is no reason to face these repercussions if you apply for a modification without any delay. Your Child Support Lawyer Orlando will tell you if you are eligible for a modification depending on your situation. If so, request a modification via your Child Support Lawyer Orlando right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the other parent files a motion against you.

Child Support Lawyer Orlando, Erin Morse can help you get that child support modification approved by the court. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse right away to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.