What Do You Know About The Hair Pulling Disorder?

The correct term for the hair pulling disorder is Trichotillomania or TTM. It is an impulse control disorder. It causes the irresistible urge to pull out one’s hair. Usually the hair, eyebrows and even eyelashes. It makes it impossible to resist the urge to do so. And they typically do so when they are immensely stressed and looking for ways to release it.

Trichotillomania can give feelings of uneasiness and tension before pulling out one’s hair. And these feelings can turn into those of relief, satisfaction and even pleasure afterward. They often do understand the consequences of their actions but still cannot resist doing so. And other symptoms can include chewing or eating hair and so on.

As the stress causes these actions, there is usually evidence of problems in work life or social life. Depression and anxiety can also be present alongside this condition. Also, trichotillomania is slightly more common if it runs in the family.

Diagnosis and treatment of trichotillomania can be done by our Ocoee Psychiatrist here at Silver Lining Psychiatry. Treatment of trichotillomania can be in the form of behavior therapy or medication. Behavior therapy can help replace the habit with in a harmless way. Certain medications are also available to resist the urge to pull out hair. The form of treatment can be best decided by a competent Psychiatrist after proper diagnosis.

At Silver Lining Psychiatry, we can help diagnose and treat mental health issues. Mental health needs to be treated with the same importance as of physical health. After all, the body and mind are equally important for all of us. Contact us here and now to find out more about trichotillomania and other mental health issues. We are always here to educate you on mental health and to show the right path to overcome such problems.