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Uses & Benefits Of MRI

MRI scans are of different types that serve imaging of various locations in the human body. Depending on the types of MRI scans that you intend to perform, the MRI scanner that might be best-suited for the purpose may change. Therefore, this highly invested decision of which type of MRI machine to purchase needs to be well thought-out. And one of those factors to be taken into consideration is the intended types of scans to be performed.

Functional MRI or FMRI scans are used by neurosurgeons all over the world to map brain function. The brain activity can be measured by taking into consideration the flow of blood to particular areas. The activation of neurons means an increased flow of blood. Patients are often asked to perform some sort of activity during which the brain activity is measured. These results are compared to resting state results for further analysis.

FMRIs prove another leap forward. With the advent of fMRI, there is no need to undergo surgery, shots or be exposed to ionizing radiation. Instead, the brain activity of healthy and diseased brains can be mapped effectively without invasive procedures.

Mapping brain activity to critical functions is not an easy task with the standard scans. But FMRI makes it possible to test the actual function of brain tissues, rather than just focusing on what they look like.

That makes way for the possibility of analyzing the effects of brain injuries and strokes. Not just that. But also neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases and even motor neuron disease. The ability to study the effects of all these ailments far efficiently and safely is now available with the advent of FMRI.

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