Ultrasound Vs CT Scanning

An ultrasound and a CT scan can both be defined as medical tests. The two medical tests are diagnostics tools which would help doctors diagnose a patient. Both devices can be used to get a visual on the internal systems of an individual without the process of invasive surgery.

CT scans, also known as Computer Tomography Scanners, are medical imaging procedures that make use of x-ray technology for the development and production of images of specified areas of the body of a patient. It develops cross-sectional pictures which would allow the doctor or physician to view each area by the slice.

An Ultrasound, on the other hand, is a medical imaging technique that makes use of high-frequency sound waves for producing pictures of organs in an individual’s body.

The versatility of a CT scan to be able to scan nearly any part of the body has made it one of the most popular scanning options for patients worldwide. Additionally, a CT scan also has multiple uses outside the medical field.
Although Ct scans have gained significant popularity, it does utilize X-rays and has been considered to have adverse effects on patients due to the exposure of radiation.

Ultrasounds produce images often referred to as sonograms, diagnostic sonography, and, ultrasonography. In a technical sense, the frequency used by ultrasounds applies to the actual frequency humans are able to hear. The limit would be considered 20 kilohertz in a healthy, young adult. So technically, a sonograph is the practice of using ultrasound frequencies to develop images inside the body.

Alternatively, a CT device is a giant machine the patient would move towards to create the image in the relevant area. Similarly, the ultrasound images are saved for posterity and diagnosis.

Currently available in the market are some of the best technical equipment for producing CT images and Ultrasound images. The Siemens 128 slice ct scanner is one of the most efficient and guaranteed by Siemens to provide optimal results while ensuring patient comfort and safety.

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