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Tips For Proper C-Arm Operating Practices In The Theater

Mobile C-Arm imaging is used all across the world in operating theaters. Ultimately, regardless of the brand or model being used, mostly what it comes down to is the efficiency of the radiographer using the machine. The following tips are provided to make sure that a C-Arm is being used well along with a few suggested practices in the operating theater.

  1. Get familiar with the surgeon, the different practices being used, and the image intensifier.
    It is essential to make sure the C-Arm is being used effectively in the operating theater. Each surgeon has his/her own procedure and getting to know your way around using the C-Arm with them in detail can help make you feel more prepared for the session.
  2. Set yourself up for success.
    Make sure to cover the image intensifier with a sterile bag or cover before the procedure. Along with that, cover all the other parts of the C-Arm that will get near the operating theater. Securing the plug is also necessary along with fastening the main cord of the device can make sure there is no chance of power outage and damage to the machine if someone were to trip on the cable.
  3. Keep in mind the basic principles of radiography.
    It’s always important to remember the three components of an active imaging examination process and fluoroscopy. This includes radiology, distance, shielding and time. In the operating theater, there may always come a moment where the radiographer can utilize his/her knowledge of radiography in different ways which can be beneficial to both the patient and the surgeon. Consider the procedure being performed along with the desired results.

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