The War Going Beyond The Battlefield

Posttraumatic stress disorder, famously known as PTSD, is best known as a mental health condition for affecting soldiers after experiencing war. However, the distressing disorder affects individuals far beyond the military and affects statistically 5-10 % of men and 7-14% of women within the United States of America.

PTSD is a mental health disorder where an individual responds to an event by not being able to get over the emotional impact of the situation. The exact cause is reflected to the exposure and the more the trauma experienced, the more likely an individual is to suffer from PTSD.

Traumatic experiences are incredibly common, and more than half the individuals in the United States are exposed to events that could cause PTSD. Because so many individuals experience PTSD, it is one of the most popular mental health disorders experienced by people in the country.

There are a set of typical symptoms of PTSD that individuals experience after a traumatic event. Generally, once a tragic event occurs, an individual would experience flashbacks, nightmares, and even the trouble sleeping. PTSD occurs where these symptoms last weeks, months, sometimes even years.

Not all individuals exposed to a traumatic event would experience PTSD, and some people are at higher risk than others for PTSD. Although PTSD has gone undetected in the past, there are currently effective treatment plans available, and in the future, there would be a possibility to reduce the effects of PTSD in individuals.

PTSD is generally treatable and most times curable. However, to fully recover from this disorder, finding the best psychiatrist in Orlando for proper diagnosis and treatments should become the priority.

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