The Most Effective CAPA Software Solution Available Today

Issues may arise at any given time in any business operation and may affect the business adversely if an effective issue management system is not in place. The risk of that occurring has been reduced to minimal levels with the new Corrective Action Software introduced by Harrington Group International. The software has been designed to be effective during issue management and resolution. Corrective Action Software serves its purpose by utilizing standard problem-solving techniques to guide any issue towards its resolution.

The end users of our Corrective Action Software have also found that another key feature has helped them further in the process of resolving issues as soon as possible. That key feature is that we let our users assign the responsibility of problems to relevant employees so that they are held accountable to bring about that issue to resolution. It has been proved that by holding relevant employees accountable the issue can be resolved sooner than if no one is assigned to the matter.

Also, our CAPA software is designed to be able to store all the details about an issue when it is being recorded. Therefore, there are data entry fields for the description of the issue including affected personnel, machinery and also, more importantly, the corrective actions taken and by whom. Our CAPA software can be accessed as a knowledge base in the future when similar issues arise. The process followed by every issue towards its resolution is documented very clearly with the respective corrective actions taken.

By cross referencing the database, more related results can be obtained faster and easier. The software will not just give you a tool to use when tackling issues that may arise at any given time but it also makes it possible to prevent similar problems from occurring in the future altogether. Call us now to get our CAPA software for your organization as well.