The essential steps to buying used imaging equipment for your medical facility

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For buyers who are new to purchasing medical imaging equipment, there are more than a few things to keep in mind. Amber USA has found that through a quality vendor, the right personnel would be able to help buyers consider all aspects for their purchase. However, while a good vendor is the right direction to go through, it is still essential to know what to look for along the way.

Consider the following steps to keep tabs on the project without affecting uptime:


Every medical facility seeking to purchase medical imaging equipment should keep in mind that the vendor should be able to inspect a system before purchase. If the vendor doesn’t offer an inspection process, it should be demanded. If the system is staged at another facility, a knowledgeable representative should be sent to take a look on behalf of the medical facility purchasing the system.


Whether the vendor offers transportation or not, it is up to the buyer to request for photos prior to the transportation. Additionally, air-ride trucks can be requested for hauling the equipment. Since mishaps can occur during transport, the images would be able to help assign the costs to the right party.


The buyer should make sure that a knowledgeable representative is on site when the equipment arrives. A thorough inspection should be made on the packaging until the unit comes out of the truck. Once the system is unloaded, any visible damage should be identified and reported immediately.
While these steps may seem obvious, it is vital to consider them when making such a significant purchase. Amber USA makes it a priority to focus on every aspect to ensure customers receive their equipment efficiently.

Amber USA also issues a variety of used and refurbished medical imaging equipment at the best prices including MRI machines, Ultrasound systems, an x ray machine for sale, and much more in a variety of brands according to client preferences.

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