The Best Charlotte Hard Money Loans

Charlotte Hard Money Loans for Miraculous Funding

One of the latest trends in real estate investments according to Emerging Trends in Real EstateĀ® is the inconsistent price of properties due to construction costs. The scarcity of labor has put the price of property on a wave that rises and goes down depending on the supply. Under such circumstances, real estate investment doesn’t always cost you what you have expected; rather than being less it is more likely to be higher than the amount you have been saving all along. Charlotte Hard Money Loans comes into the picture at such instances as they are provided to you based on your ability to succeed. Whereas it costs a lot of time and effort in convincing to obtain loans from a traditional company, we provide funds regardless of your current financial state or status of employment, as fast as possible.
As mentioned above, Charlotte Hard Money Loans and its providers are unique. We at Bridgewell Capital have evaded many downsides in hard money funding by implementing business processes that secure win-win results for all parties concerned while using only the best and ethical financing practices. We have funded over $200 million to borrowers and have gained more than thirty years of experience, which have made us the experts in this job. Also, Charlotte Hard Money Loans are not only about cashing real estate investments; we provide consultation and guidance on wealth building and direct you to useful sources of knowledge to make yourself better at it.
Furthermore, we have customized our loans as:

  • Investor Rehabs
  • Rental Properties
  • Refinance Cash-outs for Investors
  • Commercial Property Loans for Investors, to better suit the standard investment requirements all the same while maintaining the flexibility of payback schemes.

When we say Charlotte Hard Money Loans are fast, it is not just a myth; it is the reality. The completion of a funding project from approval to closure takes only ten or fewer days, and most importantly, we pre-approve your funding within five minutes of time. Bridgewell Capital is not jealous, and we do not block other avenues for you by eating up your valuable time to secure another method of funding. That is also if we say No, which is highly unlikely. We look for ways to say yes other than means to say no, and almost all the requests that come by our way are evaluated, indiscriminately.
Charlotte Hard Money Loans might sound too good to be true, but Bridgewell Capital has already proven ourselves. A majority of funding projects are from repetitive customers, which speaks for the quality of services provided by our professional employees. We provide constant guidance throughout the process, ensuring hassle free and error free funding experiences for our borrowers.