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Tampa Event Venues: Why Not Add More Beauty To Your Special Event With Tampa Event Venues?

Scenic beauty adds to the serenity of mind. Whereas a place that doesn’t promote your state of mind dissatisfies you, a place that emanates the same happy feelings will surely be mesmerizing. Tampa Event Venues makes sure that our areas of interest brought together are of the kind mentioned above. Saltblock Group, unlike any other hospitality provider, believes in empathy to provide an outstanding experience to all our customers.

Tampa Event Venues are diverse. We are aware of the differences in situations and have done our best to cater to all such requirements. The Saltblock Group presents you with at least one option to fit your mind. Take a look at our exclusive list of places, and you will realize why we say so: 
  • Orlo: a classy venue for laces and gowns.
  • Cavu: a mix of old and future with red-bricked glamour
  • Foundation Coffee: a cozy get-away for a warmth-filled gathering
  • The Red Door: a haven to celebrate your career’s success
  • Rialto Theatre: a splendor of color with class to tie your knot
  • Forty-two Ten: the lush backyard for a mystical celebration of your big day
  • Glazer Children’s Museum (3rd Floor and Terrace): be sky high and closest to the delightful heavens
  • Tampa Bay Watch, Franklin Manor and much more.


Along with the best places in town, Tampa Event Venues combines the best and the most exceptional food. Saltblock Group consists of industry professionals who strive to give out high-quality food, delicately hand-crafted to suit the occasion. Also, we provide beverage services to make our event worthwhile. We cater a wide range of drinks such as local beers to crafted cocktails and bring the whole bar experience to the occasion if that is what you wish.