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Tampa Event Planners: It’s All About You

We celebrate special moments as they are important to us. While one would expect to retain them as great memories, another would want to share the happiness with the people that matter to them. Either way, everyone will want to make their day flawless. And Tampa Event Planners are here just for that. We make life easy for you and your memories of the big event outshine every other. We create magical moments for all our customers.

Whenever it comes to relative importance, one would expect us to treat our customers with insignificance. Although it is the nature of many, Tampa Event Planners have taken individuality very seriously. We want your occasion to be unique and outstanding in your way. Therefore, we take into consideration the purpose and the type of guests you will be receiving when determining especially the venue and the buffet.

We can guarantee there is no other like Saltblock Hospitality Group to provide an all-in-one service. We have put up an exclusive collection of places in Tampa which includes Orlo, Forty-two Ten, Glazer Children’s Museum, Foundation Coffee, Franklin Manor, The Red Door. We partner with other best venues such as Tampa Bay Watch, The Vault, and Rialto Theatre to expand the possibilities for you to settle for the best rather than for good-enough.

Tampa Event Planners are even more outstanding in giving out fantastic culinary experiences. All the customer feedback recommends our buffet put up by the professionals in the hospitality industry. While we bring out the seasonal delicacies, we make sure every plate is handcrafted before reaching the guests. Thereby, we fulfill your expectation in not only making the food look good but making them taste better as well.

Last but not least, we are proud to claim that we include the complete beverage experience into our services. Ranging from local beers to crafted cocktails, we have much to offer. Moreover, all the servings will be carried out only by safe-serving accredited bartenders, leaving no chance for insecurities at your occasion.