Supplier Collaboration Portal – HGINT

Managing your suppliers efficiently can be a cumbersome process without the right tools. Handling a third party effectively requires some sort of assistance that can help you do it appropriately. After identifying the need, HGINT has developed just the right Supplier Collaboration Portal for your firm. With our software in place, managing your suppliers efficiently will not be a problem at all.

When it comes to managing several parties involved in a single activity, a collaborative platform is a must. That is where our solution comes into play. It can help you manage your suppliers by bringing them together on a single platform.

Also, the Supplier Collaboration Portal provides for a centralized location to store related information. Not just contact details of suppliers. But their performance analysis reports, nonconformances, and corrective actions even. Any detail related to the supply chain can be accessed from a single location. That minimizes the hassle and overall gets the job done faster. That is what is ultimately sought in any process.

Moreover, when it comes to managing suppliers, it is necessary to evaluate their performance. Only by doing so can you maintain their performance within required standards. That is why we have provided means to do that using our Supplier Collaboration Portal as well. It uses Key Performance Indices effectively to analyze and evaluate the performance of suppliers. Also, the results can be made visible to the suppliers as well. That gives them the opportunity to address their drawbacks and improve as a whole.

All these features help you manage and handle your suppliers better. That is a Supplier Collaboration Portal is essential for companies looking to manage their suppliers better. If you fall into that list, look no further. The solution proposed by HGINT will give you the results that you seek. Call us now with any further questions.