Mini C-Arm comparisons

Great changes are influencing C-Arms impeccably. Mini C-Arm instrument updates are one of the most significant changes that were introduced in the market since the creation of the mini C-Arm.
Mini C-Arms used with flat panel digital detectors have allowed better quality images to be produced along with the emission of lower amounts of radiation with far less scatter. By using mini C-Arms with flat panel digital detectors, buyers can be expected to find that they can be purchased at a far less cost than with Larger C-Arms.
With the choice of purchasing refurbished c-arms, in the current age, many facilities can now obtain the current technology that they need at prices they can afford.

When a medical facility is in the position to purchase a mini C-Arm, however, it is essential to know what the options available are, and the difference between those units.

The OEC 6600 and Fluoroscan Premier and Premier Encore.
The oldest C-Arms that are still currently relevant in the market is this option. These pieces of equipment were incredibly revolutionary in their time as they provided the landscape for all mini C-Arm technology and allowed physicians to perform fluoroscopic procedures. However, the concern with these units is serviceability depending on parts availability.

The OEC 6800.
These quality standard mini C-Arm units remain current as they provide an operating platform similar to the OEC 9800 full sized C-Arm. These systems can be upgraded to flat panel monitors to make them more contemporary. Additionally, the parts availability is not an immediate concern since production was only stopped around ten years ago.
The flat panel detector mini C-Arms.
Hologic and Orthoscans remain as the leader in the market for insight FD and the Orthoscan FD C-Arm units. The flat panel detector on these units allows the development of quality images along with low dose and scatter.

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