Married Men Struggles

Too often is the struggle of women in distressed marriages been the primary focus.
Why is it so that the focus of struggling men isn’t mentioned as much?

A lot of attention is focused on the issue of women being unable to have a strong, assertive voice in a relationship. Although this may be true in the workplace and requires proper change, it is the men who have a loss of voice in their marriages.

This happens in a manner where the husbands often distance themselves by concluding that it isn’t worth the fight. This would lead to emotional detachment from the relationship and then begining to feel estranged and devastated when their spouse leaves them.

Multiple research suggests that men are often the cause of failed marriages. However, what doesn’t require enough attention is that many men generally tolerate far too much criticism, violence, intensity, as well as negativity from their partner. Enduring these adverse effects is something married men would do rather than take a firm hand on their own behalf.

How many times has it become a regular thing to hear the words “I don’t want to talk about it” from a male partner. Stonewalling and distancing themselves has become a common factor in relationships for men. This is the reason for the inability of men to express their emotions, not just to their partner but even friends and family.
Nothing is more important than being able to communicate with the spouse in a relationship. Communication and clarity is the base for establishing a strong foundation for a relationship. Failed marriages become more common every day. Lack of communication plays a significant role and is what leads to other issues.

Multiple husband figures haven’t found their ability to proclaim that they are able to speak to their spouses about anything where respect is required. Statistically, men are also more subjected to emotional and physical violence from their partners.

It is never okay for abuse to take place in a relationship. If a relationship seems like it is simply not working out, considering affordable Orlando divorce lawyers should be the best and first option in facing the crisis.

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