Is Actinic Keratosis Cancer?

Actinic Keratosis is a skin problem caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Years of exposure to the sun without any protection can create these rough and scaly patches on the skin. The body parts that are most at risk to develop Actinic Keratosis are those usually exposed to the sun. Those include your ears, lips, face, neck, and hands. Not all Actinic Keratoses are due to exposure to the sun. Even tanning beds can be a leading cause of Actinic Keratosis.

There are specific factors that put you more at risk at developing Actinic Keratosis. Those include being over 40 years of age, living in a sunny place or frequent, intense exposure to the sun. People with weak immune systems due to various conditions also need to be careful. Those with blond or red hair and light colored eyes are also considered to be at risk.

So now let us move to the burning question; Is Actinic Keratosis cancer? Around 10% of Actinic Keratoses turn into Squamous Cell Carcinoma which is a form of cancer. Some even rarely develop into Basal Cell Carcinoma, another type of skin cancer. So not all Actinic Keratoses are cancer, but most Squamous Cell Carcinomas begin as Actinic Keratoses. There is a considerable risk involved here with Actinic Keratosis.

It cannot be decided as to which Actinic Keratoses are cancerous initially itself. Therefore, it is essential to obtain treatment during the early stages itself. If you develop one Actinic Keratosis and leave it without treating it, more will follow. And that can increase the risk of them, or at least some, turning cancerous.

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