Indianapolis Hard Money Loans For 2018

Indianapolis Hard Money Loans: the complete solution for financing

You hardly get the complete diva with any service provider. Especially when it comes to financing, there are loopholes in almost every money lender that needs to be patched up. The traditional lenders like banks are too tight on their policies, and private money lenders are entirely concentrated on profit making. Although such is the pathetic situation with financing, we have designed Indianapolis Hard Money Loans to be a silver lining in the gray skies.

You might even want to call Bridgewell Capital the golden solution for real estate investors. We combine various aspects to make Indianapolis Hard Money Loans flawless. From the convenience of the provision of funds, we are determined to ensure your peace of mind throughout all the processes.

Starting from the qualifying process, we can claim there is none other like Bridgewell Capital, striving to give everyone a chance at financing. Our primary concern is your ability to succeed, unlike others who are concerned about the state of employment and credit pasts.

The convenience is one of the leading features at Bridgewell. Our customer service providers will be your godparents, keeping a close eye on every single process. They have experience and knowledge to avoid any mistakes that will cause a delay in finalizing the financing.

Along with the watchful eyes of the customer service providers, we provide many other investor services such as the following to make things easy for you;

  • Proof-of-funds letters
  • Refi-builder
  • Project consulting

The package will not be complete without the flexibility of the payback schedules appointed to you. By customizing our loan programs, we have been able to ensure your peace of mind to pay back at a reasonable speed.

The different types of Indianapolis Hard Money Loans are:
  • Investor rehabs
  • Rental properties
  • Refinance cash-outs for investors
  • Commercial property loans for investors.