Importing images from a Vieworks DR panel

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Vieworks DR panels have the ability to store as many as 100 images before more space needs to be freed for new images. When using a Vieworks DR Detector panel in an x-ray imaging room, practitioners may not be fully aware about how images can be imported from the DR panel to the workstation. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Importing Images from a Vieworks Digital X-ray Detector to a workstation computer.

Step one: Right click on the DR panel indication button under the Exposure tab.
Step two: Click on the Import option in the Detector information box.
Step three: Click on the images that are to be imported in the Import Image option from the Detector Box. Then click on the Matching Import button.
Step four: Click on the Reserved tab or Scheduled tab. Then click on the drop-down symbol to search under Today, Within the Week, Within the Month, or other specific dates. The patient name should then be highlighted, then click import.
Step five: The image should be imported into the specific study. If it isn’t imported, it can be moved into the correct study by using the Move Image button available under the Database tab.
Step six: If there isn’t already a study that the image would be placed under, Auto Import can be chosen.
Step seven: Click on the study that was imported in the database. Select the Edit option which would allow patient information to be edited.

By following these steps, the images can be imported and stored as required in simply a few moments. For further questions, contact the Amber USA team
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