How Bails Are Set

Generally, all states within the country would have a schedule of bails for any offenses that allow it. A judge or a magistrate would refer to this schedule to be able to set bail for each individual. Depending on each state, the schedule may be set each year by court judges in the country.

In some cases, bail has a chance of being denied if:

  • The courts assume the public would be in danger if the defendant were to be released.
  • If the crime was a serious one.
  • If the defendant has criminal records in the past.
  • Or even a combination of the above-mentioned.

The courts must also be aware that the bail money wasn’t acquired during the commission of the crime. For bail, the courts consider how serious the crime is. The more serious the crime is, the higher the bail becomes. Some defendants might not be presented with the option of bail if the felony was repeatedly committed.

If the crimes were severe, even if the defendant has not committed any crimes in the past, it wouldn’t be taken into account since the crime is heinous. When an individual is arrested for a crime, the agency will look for a warrant. If there is a warrant for his/her arrest, the defendant may either get a higher bail or no bail at all. This depends on the severity of the current crime and the previous crimes for if there were warrants.
The courts will also regard where the defendant stands in the community and would consider if the defendant:

  • Owns a home.
  • His/her employment status.
  • How long she/he has been living in the community.
  • The defendants family and how long they’ve been living within the community.

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