Hidden Income & Assets

When going through with a divorce, both parties are obliged to disclose all financial information. That is the assets they own together and individually and their incomes. But unfortunately, more often than not, some spouses hide their income and assets with ulterior motives in mind.

There can be various reasons for which a spouse will take measures to hide their assets or income. Some of which are quite evident. Some spouses take these drastic measures to hide their income and assets to prevent them from being split. Property division will result in a fair distribution of assets between the parties. But if one spouse fails to disclose all information correctly, the division may not be equitable after all.

Another main reason why a spouse would hide critical information regarding income and assets is child support. A Child Custody Lawyer will help you reach a decision regarding time-sharing that is best for the child. Also, the payment of child support is necessary to fulfill the child’s needs adequately. The income of the parents is a factor considered when calculating this amount of child support. Some spouses try to show lower levels of income with the motive of gaining higher amounts of child support. While others hide their income with the purpose of paying a lesser value than which is rightfully due.

Child support and Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando thrive to get the best for your children. The parents’ divorce should not affect the child’s upbringing in an adverse manner in any case. It is advisable to obtain the best legal counsel from a Child Custody Lawyer for your situation. Make sure that you opt for someone competent in the field. With Erin Morse by your side, the best possible outcome of your divorce can be guaranteed. Divorces can be tough, and your lawyer needs to be tougher. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse now!