Grounds For Divorce: Is Your Spouse Abusive?

Abuse should never be taken lightly. Abuse can either be emotional or physical. Psychological damage can be just as damaging as physical abuse. If a spouse is struggling with abuse in a marriage, it might be time to end that marriage. However, to be able to end the marriage, the spouse must state the reason for wanting to end a marriage.

The two ways grounds for divorce include fault-based and no-fault.

No-fault divorce is a process where a spouse requests for divorce without blaming the other spouse on their marital conduct. In this case, the marriage ends merely due to the breakdown of the marriage itself.

Fault-based divorce, however, is based entirely on the other spouse’s misconduct which caused the breakdown of the marriage.

To be able to know exactly what each state requires for the grounds for divorce, would be to contact the best divorce attorney in Orlando. It is a well-known fact that all marriages aren’t perfect. However, if the imperfections go as far as abuse, it becomes an issue.

A few of the common forms of emotional and physical abuse include:

• Verbal threats or intimidation of the other spouse.
• Physical abuse and assault to the other spouse.
• Screaming, yelling, or arguing that’s continuous.
• Continually degrading the other spouse.
• Failure to disclose an STD to the spouse.

Whether or not a spouse decides to choose a fault-based or no-fault divorce depends entirely on the laws of the state the individual is residing in.

In many cases, however, it becomes incredibly easy to prove that a couple wasn’t compatible in a marriage than to establish one of the spouses was emotionally or physically abusive. However, each case is unique, and the individual itself should talk to an experienced lawyer to determine his/her grounds for divorce.

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