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Frequently Used Chest X-Ray Terms Broken Down

Once your chest x-ray comes out, and the radiologist takes a look at it, they may use some terms that are very hard to understand to regular people. So here’s a breakdown of the most commonly used chest x-ray terms.

Consolidation or infiltrates in x-rays refer to when the tissues are filled with liquid instead of air. This can be seen as cloud-like formations in the x-ray image. The filled liquid can be blood, water, pus or even protein or cancer cells. Either way, this requires further looking into or treatment if necessary.

What is atelectasis when it comes to chest x-ray terminology? This refers to collapse or imperfect expansion of the lung. Collapse may occur due to external compression or due to obstructions in the airways. These compressions and obstructions may be due to various conditions which your radiologist will decide from further tests or otherwise.

You may have seen certain areas in chest x-rays appearing brighter than others. The radiology term that you are looking for here is density. These bright areas are a result of absorption or blocking of x-rays. The condition of pneumonia can result in these bright areas in chest x-rays.

On the contrary, the darker areas in a chest x-ray depict the opposite — lucency as referred to in x-ray terminology. Too much of lucency or its presence in an unusual location may call for radiologists’ attention. These are just a few of those chest x-ray terms commonly used by radiologists broken down for your understanding.

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