Dark Spots On Lips

Seeing black spots on lips may lead individuals to worry about self-image. However, there is usually nothing to worry about when it comes to dark lips.
There may be a few reasons for black spots on lips and by identifying them, individuals can realize the cause of it and would be able to take measures according to the reason for the issue.

Vitamin deficiency.
Vitamins such as B-12 would help provide an even skin tone. If the body is deficient in these vitamins, the skin may change color, and dark spots may form on the lips and skin. This would imply a vitamin deficiency.

Although dehydration may have multiple harmful effects on the body, where the skin is concerned, lack of water could lead to the skin on the lips to irritate which could cause discoloration.

Too much iron.
An excessive amount of iron taken by a person may lead to the discoloration or black spots on the lips.

Allergic reactions.
Allergies may be responsible for the discoloration on the lips. This type of allergic reaction is known as pigmented contact cheilitis. Potential reasons for this irritation may include:
• Expired lipstick or balm.
• Makeup.
• Toothpaste.
• Hair dye.
• Green tea.

Smoking or alcohol.
The harmful toxins in alcohol or tobacco products may cause damage to lips and the mouth.

There generally isn’t really a reason to worry about when it comes to black spots on the lips. However, some people may require attention which would involve minimizing this condition. Seeking an efficient clinic lake dermatology the villages FL would be able to assist in this process.

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