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Renting An X-ray Machine Over Buying One.

Portable x-rays are known to be a valuable asset to hospitals, clinics, and for other medical practitioners for multiple different reasons. Portable x-ray systems are reliable, durable, lighter weight and retain their value for users. So why would it be viable for a medical facility to rent one instead of purchasing?

Well, there might be a number of reasons to rent an X-ray Machine instead of buying one. A few reasons include:

Trying it out before purchasing.

The purchase process of medical imaging equipment can be long and hectic. With that being said, buyers would want to guarantee that they’re making the right decision. If buyers think that there is a system that would be perfect for their facility, renting it out before buying can help make sure of that.

Consider the costs.

When a medical facility purchases medical imaging equipment, it isn’t just the cost of the equipment itself. There are multiple other additional costs that may come with it. This includes transport cost, service cost, maintenance etc. Renting out the system might reduce a few of the costs that come with the equipment.

Equipment failure.

Sometimes, medical practitioners may find that their equipment has failed and may require a quick solution to care for patients. While their system is being repaired, this option might be perfect.

Overall easier.

A used portable digital x ray machine is known for being lighter, sturdier, and the best option for short time use. These devices can be used on all different types of people of different sizes. Renting out a system in an emergency scenario would be an easier temporary option while buyers are considering their purchase.

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Healthcare Technology

What to Consider When You’re Selecting Radiology Equipment

Medical imaging equipment is undeniably essential for medical facilities. Medical imaging can be described as a technique that creates a visual representation of the interior of an individual’s body. X-Ray machines have become one of the most popular medical imaging devices used in medical facilities for patient diagnosis and patient care.

Additionally, different forms of x-ray radiology equipment have been introduced over the years. This includes used digital x ray machine, portable/mobile x-ray devices, and c-arms. So what happens when you require medical imaging for your facility but don’t know where to start? There are multiple considerations before making the right selection for your facility. A few of the concerns before selection include:

• Possible renovation of current space to accommodate the new device.
• The necessary budget required to purchase the device.
• Would brand new devices or used and refurbished devices be right for your facility?

One of the most significant but overlooked considerations is determining which device would be best suited for the workflow and environment of the facility. Making the right decision can provide users with the ability to make a faster diagnosis on patients as well as provide proper patient care when the device is being used. Additionally, the right device would also reduce the time spent for the development of radiology images, and also ensure there is a better Return on Investment (ROI).

Making the wrong decision could result in:
• A greater amount of expenses for the facility, such as higher electrical bills.
• A lower Return on Investment.
• Disruptive workflow.
• More breakdowns.
• The inability for radiologists to make use of these devices adequately.

The wrong decision could be disastrous for the facility as well as the patients. It is essential to keep in mind that dealing with these devices is a sensitive procedure. That means patients have a chance of being physically affected by wrongful diagnosis, dangerous practices, and patients could even get injured through very ineffective devices. It is the responsibility of medical facilities to provide top-notch services to patients. This is because there is a high chance of loss of reputation if something goes wrong.

Additionally, the typical lifespan of medical imaging devices could last up to twenty years. Twenty years can be a long time to live with a device that would be hurting your medical practices rather than helping it.

If you’re looking to make the right decision on medical imaging equipment for your practices, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. This includes:

• Evaluation of the housing of the potential equipment.
• Determining the client base. This means you would have to identify who your device would be primarily catering to.
• The number of people that can be accommodated in the facility excluding the patient.
• Determining the type of images that would be produced by the imaging equipment.
• Identifying the number of exams that would be performed on a daily basis.
• Determine if images would be taken for critical patients.

Making the right decision can be tough. Because of that, it is essential to choose a reliable firm to provide your medical imaging equipment. It is a well-known fact that brand new imaging equipment can be expensive. For that reason, the introduction of used and refurbished equipment has gained significant popularity.

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How Much Does An MRI Machine Cost?

A Magnetic Resonance Machine (MRI) machine uses a group of radio waves for the development of images for bones and organs of an individual. This machine is generally used for the diagnosis of medical conditions and determination of future treatment.

When considering hospital procedures, one of the primary methods that come to mind is an MRI itself and the fact that it costs so much. So what exactly is the reason for an MRI to cost so much?

The reason an MRI scan itself costs so much is that the process of retrieving an MRI machine into a facility has a significant cost of its own. This is because along with the fact that the sales price of a machine alone could go as high as 3 million USD, there are also additional costs before implementation. The other expenses include:

  • Maintenance, repair, spare parts that may be required.
  • Delivery costs.
  • Import/Export costs.
  • Training for the operation of the machine costs.
  • Energy usage costs.

In addition to the costs mentioned above, the thing about the installation of an MRI is that the device needs to have a room large enough to accommodate the large equipment. The room is known as an MRI suite and could cost thousands of dollars alone.

The reason pricing isn’t always readily available when it comes to purchasing medical imaging equipment that is used and refurbished is because they consider the costs above. Once all the prices are readily available for buyers, a quotation is made. However one of the most significant advantages of purchasing medical imaging equipment that is refurbished is that it is merely a fraction of a cost for what an individual would pay for a brand new piece of equipment.

So once it has been decided that used and refurbished medical imaging equipment is the way to go, determining a place for the purchase is what should be next. The place of purchase should be of legitimate and reputable consideration to avoid getting duped.

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Why Are CT Tube Prices So High

Back when the father of x-ray technology, Wilhelm Roentgen was still developing x-ray technology, he requested a better discount on x-ray tubes due to the cost being too high. Since those times, times haven’t changed and x-ray tubes, as well as newer CT tubes, are still incredibly expensive. In fact, the price of an OEM tube could be around 175,000 dollars before installation.

So what are CT tubes so expensive?

The reason for CT tubes being so expensive could be due to a variety of reasons including:

  • The materials that are used in the production and manufacturing of CT tubes are expensive.
  • The metals that are used in the production process are costly.
  • Each manufacturer adds a different feature, while each feature is complex, the price would be equally as high as the complex feature added.
  • For the quality of the product, the industry standards are exact.
  • Trained and skilled technicians are required for the manufacturing of the tube.
It is essential to identify that strategic planning could help save money. In this aspect:
  • Before the purchase of a CT system, checking out the cost should be a factor to consider. A thorough evaluation should be performed before getting into the purchase of CT.
  • Reviewing the benefits that may be gained by patients, technology and the cost of service should be done before a CT purchase.

When purchasing equipment to be used in a vital industry such as the medical industry, it is crucial to assure that the right pieces of equipment are used. The GE Lightspeed 16 is one of the best in the industry as it is a well-known fact that GE produces some of the best equipment in the world.

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Digital Radiography Over Traditional Systems

When individuals make the switch from traditional film-based x-ray systems to digital radiography, they are generally aware of the most prominent benefits.
These benefits include faster scanning, increased throughput of the patients, and better quality of images.
However, numerous benefits can be obtained through the upgrade from film-based systems. A few of the many additional benefits of digital radiography over analog radiography involve:

• Better management of workflow.

Digital Radiography allows the elimination of the hectic process of carrying and moving around film cassettes from one area to another.

• Cost of ownership is low.

The Return On Investment is significantly improved through Digital Radiography and is enough to give the change a significant decrease in the overall ownership cost.

• Storage options are vast.

The images produced through Digital Radiography can be saved and stored in any location by using on-site and off-site programs.

• Portable digital Images.

The images that are captured through the process of digital radiography allow it to be stored on any device. These stored images can then be transported to any location and are extremely portable.

• Chemicals and film processing is null.

This is one of the most significant benefits that Digital Radiography has over the traditional film-based processes. Digital Radiography eliminates the unnecessary costs of having to process chemicals and film. Having to dispose of these images after used through film-based systems are also additional costs, in this aspect, Digital Radiography frees up the time and money involved in that process.

• Off-site reading.

The speed of Digital Radiography allows off-site doctors to be able to read these images almost instantly after they have been taken. This would offer the ability to make a diagnosis quickly and efficiently while increasing the response time and assuring better service for patients.

Acquiring the right equipment is essential in ensuring better patient care in the healthcare industry. Philips x ray equipment is one of the best in the market and offers all the necessary facilities along with all the latest technologies available in the market.

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Philips Pulsera Device Makes Scanning Obese Patients Trouble-free

Developments in technology have been growing at its highest pace over the past decade. Significant improvements could be seen for various equipment which especially applies in the health industry. The health industry is now able to detect, monitor, and treat patients at their level best through the provision of equipment with minimal human errors.

Although there are significant develops in the industry, there are certain aspects which make it difficult for individual patients to make use of these pieces of equipment. One of the most significant issues would be considering large or obese patients. These patients would find it difficult to perform regular MRI scans since the machine is equipped in a manner which would make it difficult for individuals who on the larger side to fit through the machine.

When it comes to patients suffering from obesity, they often get the short end of the stick when it comes to medical equipment. Generally, the devices used are constructed in a way that is suited to what the average healthy human would be. This is something that has caused great concern for people all around the world. Obesity is a disorder suffered by a large percentage within the United States itself.

However, the introduction of the Philips Pulsera device makes it convenient for patients of all types and sizes. This device is a mobile fluoroscopy used for interventional procedures and is incredibly powerful. This pulsed piece of equipment allows medical practitioners to go the distance in more extended studies, allowing the capture of moving anatomy to observe even the largest patients.

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