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Tips For Proper C-Arm Operating Practices In The Theater

Mobile C-Arm imaging is used all across the world in operating theaters. Ultimately, regardless of the brand or model being used, mostly what it comes down to is the efficiency of the radiographer using the machine. The following tips are provided to make sure that a C-Arm is being used well along with a few suggested practices in the operating theater.

  1. Get familiar with the surgeon, the different practices being used, and the image intensifier.
    It is essential to make sure the C-Arm is being used effectively in the operating theater. Each surgeon has his/her own procedure and getting to know your way around using the C-Arm with them in detail can help make you feel more prepared for the session.
  2. Set yourself up for success.
    Make sure to cover the image intensifier with a sterile bag or cover before the procedure. Along with that, cover all the other parts of the C-Arm that will get near the operating theater. Securing the plug is also necessary along with fastening the main cord of the device can make sure there is no chance of power outage and damage to the machine if someone were to trip on the cable.
  3. Keep in mind the basic principles of radiography.
    It’s always important to remember the three components of an active imaging examination process and fluoroscopy. This includes radiology, distance, shielding and time. In the operating theater, there may always come a moment where the radiographer can utilize his/her knowledge of radiography in different ways which can be beneficial to both the patient and the surgeon. Consider the procedure being performed along with the desired results.

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Which Is The Better Choice, Image Intensifier Or Flat Panel Detector

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms are becoming more and more popular today. This may even result in Image Intensifier C-Arms becoming a thing of the past sooner than later. But as it may be, new buyers are still confronted with the issue of going analog or digital. Which is indeed the better option given your needs and budget?

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms are capable of offering much less image degradation than Image Intensifiers. And that too, over a more extended period of time. While Image Intensifiers are indeed capable of providing high-quality images, the quality may decrease over time. Another advantage of the Flat Panel Detector is the ability to magnify without having to reduce scale. And also the higher resolution offered by Flat Panel Detectors makes them the obvious fit for better image quality.

But higher image quality is not the only factor to be considered for many. The budget and the availability are often limiting circumstances. But if you cannot afford a Flat Panel Detector C-Arm, there is no reason to go C-Arm less. Image Intensifier C-Arms are available at much lower prices, and they often suffice for general use in many cases. While Flat Panel Detector C-Arms may not yet be a thing in the used and refurbished markets, their predecessors are. That means that you can even acquire a used or refurbished Image Intensifier C-Arm at an even lower cost.

Flat Panel Detector C-Arms are the obvious choice given an unlimited budget or better image quality over all else. But for many general facilities with a moderate patient turnout, Image Intensifier C-Arms may suffice for now.

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4 Reasons Why An Open MRI Might Be Better For Patients Than A Closed MRI

MRI machines have had significant developments over the years. Conventional MRI machines are known for being large tunnel-shaped devices that may seem scary and can sometimes trigger claustrophobia in patients. In an effort to overcome the issues faced in closed MRI systems, Open MRI machines were developed. The following are six reasons why an open MRI machine might be better for patients than a closed MRI.

  1. Open MRI machines help with claustrophobia.
    Since conventional MRI machines are “closed-in” and tend to trigger claustrophobia, open MRI machines are just the solution. These machines were developed to make patients feel more comfortable for their procedure.
  2. People of all shapes and sizes can use these machines.
    Overweight and obese people might not be able to use Closed MRI machines since the tunnel might not be of sufficient space. Open MRI machines allow people with different body shapes to use these machines more comfortably.
  3. Easier to use on children.
    Children tend to not sit still for more than five minutes when they are inside a large and enclosed tunnel, but open MRIs can help children feel more relaxed and calm as opposed to closed MRI machines.
  4. Cost effective.
    Open MRI procedures are typically less expensive than closed MRI procedures. That way each patient can save more money in addition to increased satisfaction and comfort.

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Uses & Benefits Of MRI

MRI scans are of different types that serve imaging of various locations in the human body. Depending on the types of MRI scans that you intend to perform, the MRI scanner that might be best-suited for the purpose may change. Therefore, this highly invested decision of which type of MRI machine to purchase needs to be well thought-out. And one of those factors to be taken into consideration is the intended types of scans to be performed.

Functional MRI or FMRI scans are used by neurosurgeons all over the world to map brain function. The brain activity can be measured by taking into consideration the flow of blood to particular areas. The activation of neurons means an increased flow of blood. Patients are often asked to perform some sort of activity during which the brain activity is measured. These results are compared to resting state results for further analysis.

FMRIs prove another leap forward. With the advent of fMRI, there is no need to undergo surgery, shots or be exposed to ionizing radiation. Instead, the brain activity of healthy and diseased brains can be mapped effectively without invasive procedures.

Mapping brain activity to critical functions is not an easy task with the standard scans. But FMRI makes it possible to test the actual function of brain tissues, rather than just focusing on what they look like.

That makes way for the possibility of analyzing the effects of brain injuries and strokes. Not just that. But also neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s diseases and even motor neuron disease. The ability to study the effects of all these ailments far efficiently and safely is now available with the advent of FMRI.

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Frequently Used Chest X-Ray Terms Broken Down

Once your chest x-ray comes out, and the radiologist takes a look at it, they may use some terms that are very hard to understand to regular people. So here’s a breakdown of the most commonly used chest x-ray terms.

Consolidation or infiltrates in x-rays refer to when the tissues are filled with liquid instead of air. This can be seen as cloud-like formations in the x-ray image. The filled liquid can be blood, water, pus or even protein or cancer cells. Either way, this requires further looking into or treatment if necessary.

What is atelectasis when it comes to chest x-ray terminology? This refers to collapse or imperfect expansion of the lung. Collapse may occur due to external compression or due to obstructions in the airways. These compressions and obstructions may be due to various conditions which your radiologist will decide from further tests or otherwise.

You may have seen certain areas in chest x-rays appearing brighter than others. The radiology term that you are looking for here is density. These bright areas are a result of absorption or blocking of x-rays. The condition of pneumonia can result in these bright areas in chest x-rays.

On the contrary, the darker areas in a chest x-ray depict the opposite — lucency as referred to in x-ray terminology. Too much of lucency or its presence in an unusual location may call for radiologists’ attention. These are just a few of those chest x-ray terms commonly used by radiologists broken down for your understanding.

Chest X rays or any other form of medical imaging methods cannot help patients correctly diagnose illnesses and take necessary treatments if the medical imaging equipment used are faulty. Therefore, it is crucial for any medical facility to make sure that the imaging equipment they use are of high quality. This won’t be an issue if you choose Amber Diagnostics as your medical imaging equipment provider. Amber Diagnostics is one of the top dealers of medical imaging equipment in the market providing the highest quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment for medical facilities around the world.

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Tips To Help Patients With Medical Anxiety.

Whether it’s a regular checkup or a test that’s a little more extensive, certain people tend to feel stressed or nervous prior to their medical appointment. If a patient experiences this type of anxiety before their medical checkup, it is important to remember that it is relatively common. However, there are steps to lessen and overcome medical anxiety through the right approach.

The following are a few tips to help ease patient nerves before a medical appointment.

  1. Communicate your fears with your medical professional. Patients may experience medical anxiety for multiple reasons. Sometimes the fear can be directly related to a negative diagnosis in the past. Other times, the anxiety can be related to discomfort or the general fear of all medical things. The best way to deal with patient fears, however, would be for the patient to voice them to the professional. A medical professional is generally compassionate with patient fears and can use the right approach to minimize patient anxiety.
  2. Obtain information regarding your medical condition from the right sources. When there are fears involved in anything, the main culprit is normally lack of information. When it comes to the medical field, there can be a lot of information that may seem too complex to understand. To help calm the nerves, the patient can investigate further through the right sources.
  3. Understand that medical anxiety is nothing to be frustrated about. It is extremely normal to feel anxious about medical related matters. Patients should remember that frustration with themselves is illogical. Simply being compassionate with themselves can help ease a variety of fears and anxiety.

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4 Tips To Follow When Your C-arm Isn’t Working Right.

Whether a medical facility chooses to purchase a used, refurbished, or brand new C-arm, the fact is that the device is bound to experience issues at some point. As much as it would be preferred that the device should work in perfect condition, the reality is that machines do sometimes face technical or mechanical issues. The severity of the issue may vary; however, the response taken to fix the device should be the same.

The following are a few measures to take when a C-arm is not functioning correctly.

  1. Having a proper plan established for taking care of issues that may arise. Make sure that the seller guarantees adequate service provision for the machine, that way the technicians can tend to the needs of the problems that may occur from a non-functioning C-arm.
  2. Document the issues that arise. If the problems are minor and can be resolved quickly, that’s great. However, if there are more significant issues, documenting it thoroughly can be extremely helpful. The more information that is gathered regarding the issues, the easier it would be to explain the problem to the technician which can ensure faster resolution.
  3. Call the service contact or engineer as soon as possible. The sooner the service provider is contacted, the faster the issue can be resolved. It is essential to make sure the person who approaches the technician is someone who can describe the problem clearly. That way the technician can have as much information as possible before arriving to fix the device.
  4. Make sure there is sufficient time available for obtaining the service. The right supplier would be readily available to tend to the customers’ needs for their purchases. However, the facility should make enough time for the technician to work efficiently for improved performance of the equipment.

Having a medical imaging equipment issue can be stressful. However, knowing exactly what to do when a problem arises can make it a little easier to deal with. If you need to talk about maintenance or service for your medical imaging equipment, contact Amber USA now!

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Difference Between Used Medical Imaging Equipment And Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment.

People have become more accepting of purchasing items that are slightly used than brand new and it makes sense. An item that someone else doesn’t want can be purchased while costing less. This begs the question – does this apply to medical imaging equipment? Definitely yes.

In various instances, buyers can find the exact medical imaging devices that they require in the used and refurbished market. However, it needs to be understood that there is a difference between used and refurbished.

Used Equipment.

When considering medical imaging equipment, the term “used” typically means that the device is sold in its current condition. It also means that there is a higher chance of the absence of a warranty for these machines. Additionally, the buyer would most likely be responsible for the labor needed and the parts to be replaced to complete the installation, shipment, and management of the equipment at the medical facility.

With that being said, there are various instances where purchasing used medical equipment makes sense. This especially applies to equipment that doesn’t have a lot of moveable parts which makes it rare to find one with extensive damage.

Refurbished Equipment.

When a medical imaging equipment is refurbished, this usually means that the equipment has been tested, calibrated, and upgraded with new parts. This equipment also comes with a warranty. The price accompanied by refurbished medical imaging equipment should include delivery and installation as well. These types of equipment are the closest a buyer can get to a new machine. Although these devices have typically been modified for a better usage capacity, it is always wise to ask about the parts that have been replaced in the refurbished system.

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Why You Should Opt For A Portable X-Ray Machine

X-ray machines are often used in the medical field to obtain images of dense tissues inside the human body. By varying the intensity of the light, different parts of the body can be brought into focus. Now there is the option of purchasing a portable x-ray machine over a fixed x-ray machine.

There are indeed more pros than cons to buying a portable x-ray machine. Given the situation, a portable x-ray machine might actually be the best option. It is definitely the portability that sets the portable machine apart from the fixed machine. Now the use of the x-ray machine doesn’t have to be confined to the radiologist’s office. Instead, out-of-office patients and those in remote areas can also be served. There are many cases of injured patients unable to make the trip to the doctor’s office. Now with the portable x-ray machine, the injured patient need not be moved. Instead, the machine can be adjusted as needed to serve the situation adequately.

Portable x-ray machines are the best choice for clinics in rural areas, military stations in the field and on-board ships, etc. These exceptional situations are not the only places such application is intended. Instead, even the regular practices, small clinics, dental clinics, and veterinaries can make use of it. The limited space and budget concerns make the portable x-ray machine the go-to choice for many.

With all that in mind pops the next question about safety. Is the portable x-ray machine safe to use? The answer is yes. There is a shield appropriately fixed to prevent radiation from being scattered all over. But it is highly recommended to purchase your portable x-ray machine from a trustworthy agent or seller.

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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Digital Rad Room.

When deciding to buy a Digital Rad Room for your medical practices, there are important considerations to keep in mind. This would ensure that practitioners get exactly what they require from the Rad Room.

The following information is what practitioners should know before purchasing a Digital Rad Room:

  • Make sure the types of exams to be performed are identified as well as the quantity. This can help determine the right digital system for the facility.
  • Digital Rad Rooms are the perfect option for practitioners that seek to reduce the amount of storage space needed, acquire enhanced image processing, and the ability to enable off-site diagnostic capabilities.
  • When it comes to the requirement of a generator, a high-frequency generator would require less space and would also eliminate the need for high-voltage cables.
  • For fixed DR table systems, there would be constraints when it comes to the positioning. However, some upright digital systems can provide the ability to tilt and allow table base exams for the patients and radiologists convenience.
  • It is required that the systems should be compatible with DICOM 3.0 for all newly purchased digital equipment for radiology purposes. This also includes storage devices. This facility allows future additions to the digital radiography network. However, the seller should provide DICOM statements which would explain in detail which service classes, information objects, and data encodings would be supported by the system.
  • Determine if the current archiving and communications systems are able to accommodate the integration of the new digital rad room for the facility.

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