Total Quality Management Software

A business’s end result might be to satisfy consumer needs and wants and subsequently earn a profit. In order, the business must identify its most basic elements that would define it. Identifying these elements is important because a business does not want to waste energy, money, and time concentrating on elements that would not contribute to the progress of the business. A business plan is an important strategic instrument that helps entrepreneurs achieve their long-term business goals. A vision and plan statement will ensure that the business is on track of its goals and objectives. The driving force of the business is the marketing drive. This should be the driving force of any business and ultimately be the foundation on which the growth will be based on.

A total Quality Management software is an integrated system that focuses on the core elements that form a business. The core elements include Leadership, Suppliers, Quality Management, Vision and Plan Statement, Evaluation, Process Control and Improvement, Product Design, Quality System Improvement, Recognition and Reward, Employee Participation, Education and Training and finally Customer Focus. These core elements play a vital role in the smooth functioning of a business. Although when trying to focus on the wide picture or expansion, an organization might lose focus on the attention to the smaller details. When the business loses attention to smaller elements this might result in inefficiencies in the long run and will be unable to identify what went wrong. To avoid such issues a Total Quality Management System can be put into play.

The solution provided by the Harrington group, Harrington Quality Management Software (HQMS) promises to bring all of the business core principles and values to one place. good The implementation of a good Quality Management Software helps the business with long-term change over short-term goals. Through Harrington Quality Management Software (HQMS), a business is also provided with solutions for Capital Asset Management, Employee training Management, Document Management, Audit Management, and Supplier quality management functions. All these solutions are offered to a business through just a single system making it a great opportunity for any business.


What Is ISO Certification For Quality Management Systems?

Before trying to comprehend what ISO certification for Quality Management Systems, it is essential to understand what a QMS is.

QMS software is used by organizations to improve efficiency. These systems provide automated procedures to get a better handle on operations within a company for increased productivity, better output, improved document handling, and to increase overall organizational efficiency.

When companies manufacture these systems, they have to follow the standard International regulatory measures for production. These standards are known as “ISO standards” and are published by the International Organization for Standardization.
ISO 9001 was issued to specify requirements of a QMS. All manufacturing organizations have to utilize these standards to demonstrate their ability to comply with regulatory requirements for customers to purchase.

Using these standards would help companies:

  • Organize their processes more efficiently.
  • Ensure improvement in process efficiency.
  • Continuously improve business processes.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard is one of the more current versions of certification used by most companies. This standard is based on a method which allows the documentation and reviewing of organizational structure, responsibility, and procedures to acquire efficient management of quality. A set of standards may consist of the following information:

  • What the company would expect from their QMS.
    This includes:
    – Recording information.
    – Planning.
    – Identifying the interaction of processes.
  • Management of responsibilities.
  • Management of Resources.
  • The reality of the product from creation to delivery.
  • Measurement of the consistency of the product.

When seeking a Quality Management System Software Solution, ensuring that the organization issuing these systems is following the correct ISO standard is essential. This would help avoid any legal issues. Additionally, the more current the standard is, the more benefits it would provide for your QMS.

Harrington Group International is an organization that issues some of the best business software solutions in the industry. By following the most recent and up-to-date ISO standard 9001:2015, companies can benefit through better features for their Quality Systems. HGI guarantees clients would see significant improvements in their organizational efficiency through our services. Choose HGI for your software solution needs.


Simplify Validation Through These Processes

Implementing a QMS Software Solution into a company can be a lengthy process. However, one of the most time-consuming processes before implementation is validation.

So why does validation take so much time?

Validating any software product before implementing it into a company is a vital activity that needs to be performed to determine if it is right for the company. The ultimate goal of validation is the make sure the software would work as expected and avoid any failures that may be unexpected before utilization.

To simplify the validation process, the following steps can be taken:

  1. Supplier audit.

    Conducting an audit for the supplier could help a company establish a proper relationship with the supplier. Through this, sufficient confidence can be gained in the supplier, and the organization can be assured for better development.

  2. Determine the skills required.

    Once the Quality Management System plans have been made, the next step is to identify the set of skills required to use the software. Competent employees specialized in the use of similar systems is recommended.

  3. Risk Assessment.

    Possible failure of software implementation is something that needs to be considered by all companies. Risk analysis and assessment would allow companies to identify the components of possible failure to be able to tackle these issues properly.

  4. Software testing.

    Software testing for the business processes is an essential activity that would help analyze daily operations. Through this process, companies can also ensure data integrity and identify the areas that require work.

Implementing any software into an organization can be a lengthy and challenging process. So, when it comes to QMS Software Systems, organizations should consider that this isn’t something to be taken lightly. QMS software would be used for the management and monitoring of processes, responsibilities, and information to achieve organizational success.
Harrington Group International is an organization well known for issuing some of the best business solution software for companies worldwide. With one of the best QMS systems in the industry, HGI ensures that their primary objective at all times is to satisfy clients.


Manufacturing Software

Here at Harrington Group International, we have worked with numerous world-class manufacturers and suppliers to help them achieve their business goals. Our manufacturing software has contributed to improving the productivity of labor and machinery used in the production process while developing and implementing new production technologies that guarantee enhanced efficiency in the long-run.

The reduced development time and the diffusion time of these new technologies are other important facts worth highlighting.They help to cut back on production costs significantly. Our manufacturing software ensures that these cutbacks last sustainably unlike those that fancy short-term goals over long-term milestones.

We help the business to thrive and grow by tending to their profitable growth which leads to the ultimate success of the business in the industry. We locate and prevent major quality and performance discrepancies from occurring and leading to a downfall. Thereby, we help protect the status achieved by the business in the industry. Our manufacturing software together with other tools, help provide a high-quality and reliable output to the final consumer which develop a consumer trust towards the trademark or brand name. Those favored businesses have achieved increased repeat business thanks to the trust they have gained in the industry for their product.

We have worked with various clients manufacturing a variety of different products, and therefore we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in almost every field and have proven our expertise in each and every single one of our projects. We, Harrington Group International is unique because we deliver results by staying with our customers. We don’t leave our clients to fend for themselves with our proposals. We help them achieve the said deliverables, and when we leave, we make sure that our customers are fully equipped with all the necessary tools and methodologies to thrive and succeed in this industry by themselves.


Document Management System

There are hundreds of documents circulating within departments in a company each day. Keeping track of all these records is very important as proper document management is essential for audit purposes. The use of a Document Management Software System is highly recommended for businesses of all scales because manual document handling can result in various errors. Misplacement of important documents may occur leading to various problems for the firm.

Editing various documents can also be time-consuming if the set of records are handled by more than one department.Also, precious time is lost in locating and retrieving documents and could lead to interdepartmental miscommunication. More importantly, transparency and security of documents cannot be guaranteed with conventional manual document handling methods.

A Document Management System relieves you from having to handle tons of documents manually. All the documents of the company can be digitally stored, and employees can access them from one centralized location. Retrieval of documents, obtaining approvals and transferring between departments can be done using the Document Control Software offered by Harrington Group International. A Document Management System enhances productivity likewise by saving time and bringing geographically distant units together. International businesses can use Document Control Software to transfer documents among globally dispersed branches and take necessary action immediately. Real-time secured access is offered to employees in the company where the visibility of documents can be adjusted according to the department or the level of management.

Investing on Document Control Software by Harrington Group International will benefit your company by cutting back on printing cost and by improving overall productivity as there is no need to monitor paper-based procedures anymore. Any document in the software is available in a matter of seconds at anytime from anywhere in the world and meeting standard compliance requirements for auditing purposes has never been easier.


Supply Chain Management Software

How efficient is your supply chain management process? Have you addressed all key points sufficiently?

Supply chain management involves collaboration within and among companies, unlike internal operations. Without good rapport between the involved parties, the system is bound to collapse. The best way to overcome this issue is with Supply Chain Management Software. It provides you with that much-needed collaborative platform to facilitate adequate flow of information.

Supply chain management involves handling the product flow, information flow, and finance flow accurately. All three processes are critical and must be managed skillfully. Any drawback within any section can cause immense losses for the firm. Since that is not in our best interests, the optimum solution is to implement a Supply Chain Management Software.

Keeping track of inventory changes, shipments, invoices, returns, and payments have never been easier. This software has been designed by experts in the industry to facilitate documentation as well. Maintaining records of all activities of the supply chain can be done easily with Supply Chain Management Software in place.

Supply chain management is a critical process that requires sufficient attention. The quality of the inputs that you receive can be judged based on the effectiveness of the supply chain. Make sure that you give no room for any errors to occur. Obtain a software solution that can help you take care of the entire operation. It will help you automate many of the manual tasks evading any errors that were bound to happen.

With the rapid rate of development, companies need to upgrade their systems sooner or later. The sooner, the better as if not your competitors will soon surpass you. Why be left behind when you can achieve your business goals with our solutions in place? Contact us ASAP for more information on how we can help you be the best in the business.


Project Planning and Management with Software

Handling projects is not an easy task. The difficulties arise during the project planning stages itself. Proper planning is necessary before the execution of any project to make sure that it progresses as required. The demand for Enterprise Task Management Software is on the rise at present owing to this need. Such software has been designed after identifying the needs and issues arise during project planning and management.

A project requires several tasks to be handled simultaneously. Sufficient progress in each department must be maintained to ensure that the final deadlines are met on time. But to manage all those tedious tasks accurately, a foolproof system is required. A system that will not provide you with dilemmas. Instead, one that will address the inefficiencies precisely and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. The solution that fits all those criteria is our Enterprise Task Management Software. Expertly designed to help make project planning and management easier than ever, it is the answer that you need.

Not just during the initial planning stages, our software has been designed to monitor progress quickly as well. Ensuring that tasks are completed on time and maintaining the momentum as needed is now easier than ever. The tasks have been made easier for project managers and team leaders to handle. HGI Enterprise Task Management Software is the one tool that can help you improve the efficiency of your entire project team. The issues faced by all sectors have been identified, and answers have been provided. No room has been left for discrepancies whatsoever making it easier to perform better overall.

Make sure that you give your project teams the tools that they need to perform their level best. Gain the best out of any situations and evade any issues related to project planning and management. Call us now itself!


Supplier Collaboration Portal – HGINT

Managing your suppliers efficiently can be a cumbersome process without the right tools. Handling a third party effectively requires some sort of assistance that can help you do it appropriately. After identifying the need, HGINT has developed just the right Supplier Collaboration Portal for your firm. With our software in place, managing your suppliers efficiently will not be a problem at all.

When it comes to managing several parties involved in a single activity, a collaborative platform is a must. That is where our solution comes into play. It can help you manage your suppliers by bringing them together on a single platform.

Also, the Supplier Collaboration Portal provides for a centralized location to store related information. Not just contact details of suppliers. But their performance analysis reports, nonconformances, and corrective actions even. Any detail related to the supply chain can be accessed from a single location. That minimizes the hassle and overall gets the job done faster. That is what is ultimately sought in any process.

Moreover, when it comes to managing suppliers, it is necessary to evaluate their performance. Only by doing so can you maintain their performance within required standards. That is why we have provided means to do that using our Supplier Collaboration Portal as well. It uses Key Performance Indices effectively to analyze and evaluate the performance of suppliers. Also, the results can be made visible to the suppliers as well. That gives them the opportunity to address their drawbacks and improve as a whole.

All these features help you manage and handle your suppliers better. That is a Supplier Collaboration Portal is essential for companies looking to manage their suppliers better. If you fall into that list, look no further. The solution proposed by HGINT will give you the results that you seek. Call us now with any further questions.


The Best Calibration Management Software Out There

Calibration Tracking Software is a must at present. Tools and equipment involved in production activities require periodic calibrations and maintenance. Failure to abide by the schedules can result in severe losses including production downtime. But now all such unfavorable scenarios can be avoided with software for calibration management.

HGINT has the right software solution that can help you manage your calibration activities smoothly and efficiently. Scheduling calibration sessions can be easily done with our software in place. Also, with the software in place, you will never miss calibration sessions. The software has been designed to notify it’s end users well ahead of time about upcoming calibrations. That allows tool custodians to take care of taking the equipment in for calibration during off-peak hours. By doing so, ensure that the production activities are affected minimally in the process. Make sure that your tools and equipment don’t go out of tolerance due to lack of proper calibration management.

Also, our Calibration Tracking Software addresses the documentation process as well. Maintaining records of previous calibrations and related equipment history is now easier than ever with our software in place. Upgrade to a software solution that can see to it that your tools and equipment undergo calibration on time.

Avoid production downtime due to equipment being out of tolerance. Invest in a Calibration Tracking Software that can benefit your firm for years to come. Take care and make full use of the tools and equipment involved in production activities. Proper maintenance including periodic calibration can help you get the most out of your equipment.

We have the only software solution that you need to have in place for your calibration management activities. Be confident of the precision of your tools and equipment by calibrating them on time with our software in place. Contact us now for any further clarifications.

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Audit Management Software – HGINT

All types of businesses in various industries have to undergo audits now and then. It is a verification process that ensures that methods and quality systems comply with the necessary requirements. Such inspections cannot be evaded when the time arises. Therefore, it is essential to be in control.

Most companies now make use of Audit Management Software to reduce the time and effort taken in the process. It has been very effective in the process by significantly reducing the time taken for processing auditing activities. It has also been made evident that the manual work needed in the process has been reduced to a minimum. That is achieved by automating a majority of the tasks that were previously handled manually. That can be incredibly useful for your audit team as well. The time and effort which was previously dedicated to those functions can now be put to better use.

In a sense, Audit Management Software is capable of providing you with analyses of your data. The results of the said analyses are the useful information when it comes to decision making. With this information at hand, better decisions can be made overall. Moreover, your audit team can also dedicate more resources towards further analyzing the results provided by the software.

The process of auditing and audit management which was previously considered insufferable can now be handled rather easily. The difference made by having an Audit Management Software in place at your firm is enormous. The entire process is automated while providing you with full control of the results of the data input. It is the ultimate tool that is needed when it comes to audit management.

Take care of your audit management activities efficiently with HGI Audit Management Software in place. Call us now for further details or if you have any queries in the regard.