Can Step-Parents Adopt Their Step-Children

It is not unusually rare for stepchildren to form a parental bond with their step-parents. This can often happen if the relationship with one biological parent happens to deteriorate.

It is not rare for divorced couples to remarry. And the new spouses often form an excellent parent-child relationship with their stepchildren. Ultimately resulting them to want to adopt the stepchildren legally. So is this possible?

Yes, it is possible for step-parents to adopt their stepchildren. First of all, the step-parent looking to adopt their stepchildren must be eligible to do so. In Florida, many qualify if they do not have a physical disability that prevents them from parenting properly.

Once you confirm your eligibility, next comes the consent of the biological parents. This is not always deemed necessary as there are some instances that do not necessitate consent. Your Divorce Lawyer can help you figure out if your case calls for consent or not. One such example that does not require consent is in the case of desertion or abandonment.

If the biological parent’s consent is required, it must be obtained. And the biological parent who has to terminate their parental rights needs to realize what it entails. Even the step-parent who seeks to adopt needs to understand the depth of it all. A competent Divorce Lawyer can help you out with it all. Clarify all your doubts and issues with the Best Orlando Divorce Lawyers at Erin Morse Law Firm.

It is not a must for you to have a lawyer by your side during this process of adoption. But it is best to seek legal assistance as the process can require certain tasks that are easy to get missed. The process can turn tedious and time-consuming in that case. Contact our law office now to find out all about the process of stepchildren adoption.


Married Men Struggles

Too often is the struggle of women in distressed marriages been the primary focus.
Why is it so that the focus of struggling men isn’t mentioned as much?

A lot of attention is focused on the issue of women being unable to have a strong, assertive voice in a relationship. Although this may be true in the workplace and requires proper change, it is the men who have a loss of voice in their marriages.

This happens in a manner where the husbands often distance themselves by concluding that it isn’t worth the fight. This would lead to emotional detachment from the relationship and then begining to feel estranged and devastated when their spouse leaves them.

Multiple research suggests that men are often the cause of failed marriages. However, what doesn’t require enough attention is that many men generally tolerate far too much criticism, violence, intensity, as well as negativity from their partner. Enduring these adverse effects is something married men would do rather than take a firm hand on their own behalf.

How many times has it become a regular thing to hear the words “I don’t want to talk about it” from a male partner. Stonewalling and distancing themselves has become a common factor in relationships for men. This is the reason for the inability of men to express their emotions, not just to their partner but even friends and family.
Nothing is more important than being able to communicate with the spouse in a relationship. Communication and clarity is the base for establishing a strong foundation for a relationship. Failed marriages become more common every day. Lack of communication plays a significant role and is what leads to other issues.

Multiple husband figures haven’t found their ability to proclaim that they are able to speak to their spouses about anything where respect is required. Statistically, men are also more subjected to emotional and physical violence from their partners.

It is never okay for abuse to take place in a relationship. If a relationship seems like it is simply not working out, considering affordable Orlando divorce lawyers should be the best and first option in facing the crisis.

Law Office of Erin Morse provides affordable, competitive, and passionate services and ensures practices by only the experienced attorneys through an energetic representation for each client to find the best resolution to their unique situation.

Divorce Law

The Mortgage Loan AKA The Biggest Liability

The equitable distribution laws of Florida do not just apply to assets and property. But also to debts and liabilities. The most significant liability of many marriages is the mortgage on the family home. How can you go about splitting up this liability?

The most comfortable option is to sell the house and split the proceeds. This option makes sense and will usually be in both spouses interests. But the biggest obstacle here is actually selling the home. The housing market today will not make it easy to sell off your house for what you think it’s worth. But if this is a possibility, your Orlando Divorce Attorney will advise you to go for it.

The next option is to refinance the mortgage. In this case, one spouse should be willing to keep the house while the other is ready to let go. The spouse looking to keep it should be able to keep up with the mortgage payments. This spouse has to be able to qualify for a refinance with their income and credit score. This option also is available but not for all. The mortgage was initially obtained by both and getting one to qualify for a refinance is not easy.

When both those options are not available, couples have to stick with the original mortgage. That’s never the best option as you have to expect the other spouse to keep up with the mortgage payments.

Are you wondering about what to do with your mortgage? Consult your Divorce Attorney right away to get the best legal advice for your situation.

Orlando Divorce Attorney, Erin Morse is ready to give you the best legal counsel for your divorce matters. Contact the Law Office of Erin Morse now to find out more. Call her office to get the best lawyer in town for your case.

Divorce Law

What Happens To Retirement Accounts In A Divorce?

During a divorce, marital property will inevitably be divided among the two spouses according to the laws of the state. In Florida, the equitable distributions laws state how these marital assets and property are divided. Marital assets and property can be houses, vehicles and other property that was accumulated during the marriage. But that is not all. Even retirement accounts are considered as marital assets that will be divided during the divorce.

Equitable division of retirement accounts can be tricky and complicated if you do not know the law behind it. But Affordable Orlando Divorce Lawyers are always ready to help you out when it comes to these divorce matters. And who else other than them to know best about these issues.

Retirement plans can be of various forms. There can be traditional retirement plans like 401k plans, IRAs and Roth IRAs. Also, there are defined benefit plans and defined contribution plans. A defined benefit plan can also be called a pension as it gives a specific amount at retirement. The employer usually bears this responsibility. Defined contribution plans, on the other hand, let the employee save up for retirement. This account can even include contributions by the employer. But there is no specific amount guaranteed at retirement.

The amount accumulated in the retirement fund during the marriage will be applicable for the division during divorce. Not only the length of the marriage but each spouse’s contribution to the marriage will affect the end result. A competent Divorce Lawyer can get you the best possible outcome during the divorce.

Looking for Affordable Orlando Divorce Lawyers who can help you out with your divorce? Contact the Law Office of Erin Morse now to get the best legal counsel for your case. Call now to schedule an appointment right away to start discussing your case.

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Do You Need A Divorce Attorney?

Are you thinking of filing for divorce or have you already done so? Wondering whether you and your spouse can go through the divorce without a lawyer?

Of course, you don’t “need” a Divorce Attorney to proceed with a divorce. But there are countless reasons to do so, for ease and convenience.

Complicated and high-asset divorces usually do call for a Divorce Attorney. That is because the spouses need help with child support, spousal support, and time-sharing, etc. Not just that. When there are significantly valuable assets on the line, you might need the services of a competent lawyer. More often than not, many have reported being deprived of what is rightfully theirs, solely because they did not have a lawyer by their side.

Also, high-conflict divorces do need an Orlando FL Divorce Attorney. There are so many matters to be resolved during a divorce. High-conflict cases will find it even harder to do so. And with the probability of moving on to litigation, a lawyer by your side can be very helpful.

Instead, if you and your spouse have no conflicts at all and no children, maybe you don’t need a lawyer. If you don’t have valuable assets worth fighting for, your lawyer’s fees may surpass those assets’ worth. If you and your spouse are in no hurry to finalize the divorce too, a lawyer may not be needed.

But many have claimed that they would’ve had legal representation if they knew the consequences of not having one. It will invariably cost you more in fixing issues than actually getting a lawyer in the first place.

Wondering if you really need a lawyer for your divorce or not? Get a competent lawyer’s opinion right away. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse to find out if your case requires the assistance of a lawyer or not.


Hidden Income & Assets

When going through with a divorce, both parties are obliged to disclose all financial information. That is the assets they own together and individually and their incomes. But unfortunately, more often than not, some spouses hide their income and assets with ulterior motives in mind.

There can be various reasons for which a spouse will take measures to hide their assets or income. Some of which are quite evident. Some spouses take these drastic measures to hide their income and assets to prevent them from being split. Property division will result in a fair distribution of assets between the parties. But if one spouse fails to disclose all information correctly, the division may not be equitable after all.

Another main reason why a spouse would hide critical information regarding income and assets is child support. A Child Custody Lawyer will help you reach a decision regarding time-sharing that is best for the child. Also, the payment of child support is necessary to fulfill the child’s needs adequately. The income of the parents is a factor considered when calculating this amount of child support. Some spouses try to show lower levels of income with the motive of gaining higher amounts of child support. While others hide their income with the purpose of paying a lesser value than which is rightfully due.

Child support and Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando thrive to get the best for your children. The parents’ divorce should not affect the child’s upbringing in an adverse manner in any case. It is advisable to obtain the best legal counsel from a Child Custody Lawyer for your situation. Make sure that you opt for someone competent in the field. With Erin Morse by your side, the best possible outcome of your divorce can be guaranteed. Divorces can be tough, and your lawyer needs to be tougher. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse now!


Worst Case Scenario Of A Collaborative Divorce

Let’s face it. Collaborative divorce is not for every couple seeking to divorce out there. Divorce is mostly a result of a disagreement or some sort of problem between the spouses. When that is the case, most of us do not even want to be in the same room together. That makes it very difficult to proceed with a collaborative divorce successfully.

Many believe that collaborative divorce will cost you less money and time. That could even be so if the couple is willing to discuss matters together while considering needs of both parties.

Collaborative divorce can be cheaper than conventional divorce proceedings via litigation. That is because there will be no charges for court proceedings and so on. But there will be other charges for mental health professionals and even financial specialists.

When it comes to collaborative divorce being faster, yes, you can set your pace. The two spouses can decide when the team needs to meet for discussions. And therefore can take things at your own steady rate. On the other hand, it’s not news to you that court proceeding can drag for months and years on end. In that sense, collaborative divorce is indeed faster.

But what you need to bear in mind is this. All this can happen only if the parties are willing to set aside their differences and come to common agreements, agreements that work for both parties. As there is no threat of court involved, you may have to settle somewhere in between. The worst-case scenario of a collaborative divorce could be an utter waste of time and money. If both parties fail to resolve matters, you will have to start over with conventional divorce via litigation. And this time with new lawyers.

Your Child Support Lawyer Orlando should be worth his/her salt to be able to get the best possible outcome for your in all your family law issues. Erin Morse is always ready to provide her legal counsel to help you protect your rights. Contact her law office right away to get an appointment to start discussing your case. Expect nothing less than the best legal counsel when it comes to family law.


Why Should Paternity Be Established?

A father plays a major role in any child’s life. While growing up, having a father’s love and protection can do great deals of good to any child. Both parents are expected to play an equal part in bringing up a child. Even after a divorce, it is so. That is why equal time-sharing is favored in many cases unless it’s deemed unhealthy for the growth and development of the child.

Establishing paternity needs to be given sufficient attention by both fathers and mothers. Establishing paternity is not just crucial for fathers seeking custody and visitation rights to their child. But it is also for mothers who seek to obtain child support for their children.

Today as the trend of marriage is fading away, many couples seek to have kids without tying the knot. The situation prevails lovingly as long as the relationship between the two parents is going strong. But if in any case, the relationship falls apart, matters will start to arise. That is because the husband is naturally assumed to be the father of a child born within marriage. But that does not apply when the child is born outside marriage.

Your Child Support Attorney will tell you the ways you can use to establish paternity in that case. Having an affidavit acknowledging paternity signed by both the mother and father can help you out. Also, make sure that the father’s name appears on the birth certificate of the child. Your Child Support Attorney Orlando will tell you if your case is applicable to establish paternity via an Administrative Order.

Are you looking for the best Child Support Attorney Orlando who can help you protect your child’s rights? Erin Morse and her team are always ready to put your child’s best interests first and foremost. Call now to get an appointment to discuss your case.


What Lies In Store If You Fail To Pay Child Support

When two parents divorce, matters regarding their children are usually settled at court and plans are agreed upon. Once this is done, parents are expected to stand by these agreements and fulfill their responsibilities. Payment of child support is one of those many responsibilities. The parent in charge of making those payments needs to do so on time without fail. Failure to do so gives the other parent the legal right to file a motion for contempt.

Then the court evaluates your case and tries to find out if you are in a position to pay. If you are failing to make payments while still being able to, the court can rule against your favor. Even if you think you have a valid reason, you need to have informed of it beforehand. That is you need to request a modification of child support as soon as the initial circumstances change. That is a change of events that bring about a substantial change in income for you.

One of the many possible consequences of failing to pay child support is incarceration. Yes, you can even be put in jail if you fail to pay child support while having the ability. Or you might get your driver’s license suspended.

There is no reason to face these repercussions if you apply for a modification without any delay. Your Child Support Lawyer Orlando will tell you if you are eligible for a modification depending on your situation. If so, request a modification via your Child Support Lawyer Orlando right away. Don’t wait until it’s too late and the other parent files a motion against you.

Child Support Lawyer Orlando, Erin Morse can help you get that child support modification approved by the court. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse right away to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.