Can You Face An Arrest Warrant By Not Paying Child Support?

After a divorce, both parents have an ongoing legal duty to support their children financially. So you might be wondering what happens when a parent forgets to pay child support payment ordered by the court.

When parents’ divorce, separate, or were never married in the first place, it is their legal duty to make decisions based on custody and child support for their children. Child support is supposed to cover the basic and financial needs of the child.

Parents who don’t make their child support payments on time may face legal consequences. While the penalties may vary by state, it typically includes:

• The deduction of wages where the payment is taken out of the parent’s paycheck.
• Federal income tax intercepts where a tax refund can be taken out of the parent’s funds to cover the child support payments.
• Suspension of driving or professional license.
• Restrictions on the passport.
• The courts can also issue liens on the parent’s property to pay child support.

In today’s context, no parent is immune from paying child support. Failure to make court-ordered child support payments can even result in an arrest warrant for jail time in extreme cases. In child support cases, there are two types of warrants that can be given to the parent who fails to make the child support payments:

• A civil warrant.
In this case, the custodial parent files a complaint against the other parent stating he/she has disobeyed the court’s order to make the payments. The noncustodial parent must then appear in court where the judge will issue a penalty. This includes a fine, jail time, ordering the payment or sometimes all three (in extreme situations).

• Criminal warrant.
These warrants are issued when federal or state prosecutors are involved in child support cases. The parent found guilty of wrongful non-payment can face imprisonment.

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