Can Step-Parents Adopt Their Step-Children

It is not unusually rare for stepchildren to form a parental bond with their step-parents. This can often happen if the relationship with one biological parent happens to deteriorate.

It is not rare for divorced couples to remarry. And the new spouses often form an excellent parent-child relationship with their stepchildren. Ultimately resulting them to want to adopt the stepchildren legally. So is this possible?

Yes, it is possible for step-parents to adopt their stepchildren. First of all, the step-parent looking to adopt their stepchildren must be eligible to do so. In Florida, many qualify if they do not have a physical disability that prevents them from parenting properly.

Once you confirm your eligibility, next comes the consent of the biological parents. This is not always deemed necessary as there are some instances that do not necessitate consent. Your Divorce Lawyer can help you figure out if your case calls for consent or not. One such example that does not require consent is in the case of desertion or abandonment.

If the biological parent’s consent is required, it must be obtained. And the biological parent who has to terminate their parental rights needs to realize what it entails. Even the step-parent who seeks to adopt needs to understand the depth of it all. A competent Divorce Lawyer can help you out with it all. Clarify all your doubts and issues with the Best Orlando Divorce Lawyers at Erin Morse Law Firm.

It is not a must for you to have a lawyer by your side during this process of adoption. But it is best to seek legal assistance as the process can require certain tasks that are easy to get missed. The process can turn tedious and time-consuming in that case. Contact our law office now to find out all about the process of stepchildren adoption.