Can Alcoholism Be Grounds For Divorce?

Alcoholism has become a severe problem for many families around the world. Being married to someone who is an alcoholic can lead the spouse to feel helpless, depressed, and alone. It can also affect the spouse and children into a cycle of abuse.

Alcoholism has become one of the leading reasons for couples to get divorced in the United States. In fact, alcoholism has become one of the top 3 reasons for divorce generally. This is understandable since alcoholism can ruin relationships to the point where they can no longer be fixed.

Alcoholism is a severe condition that can turn a spouse into a virtual stranger. For these reasons, it isn’t uncommon if people wonder if alcoholism is grounds for divorce.

If a couple is getting divorced because one of the spouses has an alcohol problem, it may not only change the divorce proceedings but may also have a direct effect on child custody. Multiple states allow a spouse to file for divorce based on fault.

So in simple terms, alcoholism can be grounds for divorce filing. However, there needs to be a significant amount of evidence to show that the spouse is an alcoholic. It is essential to understand that if a divorce is being filed on a fault sense, then it could be a bit challenging to prove these cases.

When it comes to divorce overall, understanding how to proceed with the situation should be the first step. Hiring the best Orlando Divorce attorney would help an individual interpret all the necessary information to base their grounds for divorce.

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