A Standby Guardian For Children In Emergencies

Emergency situations occur every now and then, and it is best to plan ahead. It is best to do anything and everything possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children. An emergency situation regarding a child is one which results in an immediate risk to the child’s safety or wellbeing. Emergency situations usually call for the child to be placed in temporary emergency custody. That is until the case is resolved or a permanent decision is taken.

An instance where one or both parents are lost in an accident or incapacitated is quite possible. In such a scenario, if no guardian has already been appointed by the parent/s, then emergency custody precedes. If a guardian has been named for emergencies, the child may be placed under their guardianship for the time being. If your child has to be removed from your home, it is best to place them with a trusted adult. Choosing a standby guardian prior to such emergencies gives you the time to select the best person for it. It could be a trusted family member or even a close friend. Also, it is best to talk to the person that you select and let them know of your intentions. Naturally presuming that they are willing is not always best.

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