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4 Tips To Follow When Your C-arm Isn’t Working Right.

Whether a medical facility chooses to purchase a used, refurbished, or brand new C-arm, the fact is that the device is bound to experience issues at some point. As much as it would be preferred that the device should work in perfect condition, the reality is that machines do sometimes face technical or mechanical issues. The severity of the issue may vary; however, the response taken to fix the device should be the same.

The following are a few measures to take when a C-arm is not functioning correctly.

  1. Having a proper plan established for taking care of issues that may arise. Make sure that the seller guarantees adequate service provision for the machine, that way the technicians can tend to the needs of the problems that may occur from a non-functioning C-arm.
  2. Document the issues that arise. If the problems are minor and can be resolved quickly, that’s great. However, if there are more significant issues, documenting it thoroughly can be extremely helpful. The more information that is gathered regarding the issues, the easier it would be to explain the problem to the technician which can ensure faster resolution.
  3. Call the service contact or engineer as soon as possible. The sooner the service provider is contacted, the faster the issue can be resolved. It is essential to make sure the person who approaches the technician is someone who can describe the problem clearly. That way the technician can have as much information as possible before arriving to fix the device.
  4. Make sure there is sufficient time available for obtaining the service. The right supplier would be readily available to tend to the customers’ needs for their purchases. However, the facility should make enough time for the technician to work efficiently for improved performance of the equipment.

Having a medical imaging equipment issue can be stressful. However, knowing exactly what to do when a problem arises can make it a little easier to deal with. If you need to talk about maintenance or service for your medical imaging equipment, contact Amber USA now!

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