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4 Reasons Why An Open MRI Might Be Better For Patients Than A Closed MRI

MRI machines have had significant developments over the years. Conventional MRI machines are known for being large tunnel-shaped devices that may seem scary and can sometimes trigger claustrophobia in patients. In an effort to overcome the issues faced in closed MRI systems, Open MRI machines were developed. The following are six reasons why an open MRI machine might be better for patients than a closed MRI.

  1. Open MRI machines help with claustrophobia.
    Since conventional MRI machines are “closed-in” and tend to trigger claustrophobia, open MRI machines are just the solution. These machines were developed to make patients feel more comfortable for their procedure.
  2. People of all shapes and sizes can use these machines.
    Overweight and obese people might not be able to use Closed MRI machines since the tunnel might not be of sufficient space. Open MRI machines allow people with different body shapes to use these machines more comfortably.
  3. Easier to use on children.
    Children tend to not sit still for more than five minutes when they are inside a large and enclosed tunnel, but open MRIs can help children feel more relaxed and calm as opposed to closed MRI machines.
  4. Cost effective.
    Open MRI procedures are typically less expensive than closed MRI procedures. That way each patient can save more money in addition to increased satisfaction and comfort.

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