Importing images from a Vieworks DR panel

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Vieworks DR panels have the ability to store as many as 100 images before more space needs to be freed for new images. When using a Vieworks DR Detector panel in an x-ray imaging room, practitioners may not be fully aware about how images can be imported from the DR panel to the workstation. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to do so.

Importing Images from a Vieworks Digital X-ray Detector to a workstation computer.

Step one: Right click on the DR panel indication button under the Exposure tab.
Step two: Click on the Import option in the Detector information box.
Step three: Click on the images that are to be imported in the Import Image option from the Detector Box. Then click on the Matching Import button.
Step four: Click on the Reserved tab or Scheduled tab. Then click on the drop-down symbol to search under Today, Within the Week, Within the Month, or other specific dates. The patient name should then be highlighted, then click import.
Step five: The image should be imported into the specific study. If it isn’t imported, it can be moved into the correct study by using the Move Image button available under the Database tab.
Step six: If there isn’t already a study that the image would be placed under, Auto Import can be chosen.
Step seven: Click on the study that was imported in the database. Select the Edit option which would allow patient information to be edited.

By following these steps, the images can be imported and stored as required in simply a few moments. For further questions, contact the Amber USA team
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Mini C-Arm comparisons

Great changes are influencing C-Arms impeccably. Mini C-Arm instrument updates are one of the most significant changes that were introduced in the market since the creation of the mini C-Arm.
Mini C-Arms used with flat panel digital detectors have allowed better quality images to be produced along with the emission of lower amounts of radiation with far less scatter. By using mini C-Arms with flat panel digital detectors, buyers can be expected to find that they can be purchased at a far less cost than with Larger C-Arms.
With the choice of purchasing refurbished c-arms, in the current age, many facilities can now obtain the current technology that they need at prices they can afford.

When a medical facility is in the position to purchase a mini C-Arm, however, it is essential to know what the options available are, and the difference between those units.

The OEC 6600 and Fluoroscan Premier and Premier Encore.
The oldest C-Arms that are still currently relevant in the market is this option. These pieces of equipment were incredibly revolutionary in their time as they provided the landscape for all mini C-Arm technology and allowed physicians to perform fluoroscopic procedures. However, the concern with these units is serviceability depending on parts availability.

The OEC 6800.
These quality standard mini C-Arm units remain current as they provide an operating platform similar to the OEC 9800 full sized C-Arm. These systems can be upgraded to flat panel monitors to make them more contemporary. Additionally, the parts availability is not an immediate concern since production was only stopped around ten years ago.
The flat panel detector mini C-Arms.
Hologic and Orthoscans remain as the leader in the market for insight FD and the Orthoscan FD C-Arm units. The flat panel detector on these units allows the development of quality images along with low dose and scatter.

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Are reimbursements the same for all refurbished C-Arm equipment?

Every medical facility needs to understand that the costs may vary when it comes to purchasing medical imaging equipment. With that being said, the prices for a C-Arm can range from 10,000 to as much as 400,000 USD on an initial equipment purchase. That means that spending more money on equipment won’t necessarily bring better reimbursements. However, that does not say that the least expensive C-Arm is the best choice.

Depending on the approach taken for the C-Arm use, the initial cost may not affect the return on investment.

For instance, facet injections can be considered for pain management or even vascular studies. These procedures would be reimbursed at different amounts. Although, these amounts might be exactly similar whether the studies were conducted through a 1997 C-Arm or a 2017 C-Arm. Even if a medical facility decides to go with a less expensive system, there could still be a high return on investment amount obtained at the end of the day.

Alternatively, when the facility is still in the start-up part of testing a market, they would not necessarily spend the capital up-front for the best system in the market. Fortunately, the right system can be laid out for the moment. This would, in turn, bring in the same return on investment amount that might be obtained somewhere down the line of the facility’s growth.

In the long run, it can be found that the needs of a facility can be dictated by the individual circumstances where numerous concerns would come into play. However, reimbursement rates should not be one of them.

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The essential steps to buying used imaging equipment for your medical facility

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For buyers who are new to purchasing medical imaging equipment, there are more than a few things to keep in mind. Amber USA has found that through a quality vendor, the right personnel would be able to help buyers consider all aspects for their purchase. However, while a good vendor is the right direction to go through, it is still essential to know what to look for along the way.

Consider the following steps to keep tabs on the project without affecting uptime:


Every medical facility seeking to purchase medical imaging equipment should keep in mind that the vendor should be able to inspect a system before purchase. If the vendor doesn’t offer an inspection process, it should be demanded. If the system is staged at another facility, a knowledgeable representative should be sent to take a look on behalf of the medical facility purchasing the system.


Whether the vendor offers transportation or not, it is up to the buyer to request for photos prior to the transportation. Additionally, air-ride trucks can be requested for hauling the equipment. Since mishaps can occur during transport, the images would be able to help assign the costs to the right party.


The buyer should make sure that a knowledgeable representative is on site when the equipment arrives. A thorough inspection should be made on the packaging until the unit comes out of the truck. Once the system is unloaded, any visible damage should be identified and reported immediately.
While these steps may seem obvious, it is vital to consider them when making such a significant purchase. Amber USA makes it a priority to focus on every aspect to ensure customers receive their equipment efficiently.

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CT tubes and their lifespan.

When a medical facility is in possession of a CT scanner, they should be well aware that parts and maintenance are not inexpensive when replacements are needed. For that reason, it is essential to keep this factor in mind when considering the costs of purchasing a CT scanner.

The following provides a closer look at the replacement costs for x-ray tubes in Siemens Emotion single slice to 16-slice CT scanners.

The Dura 202.

These tubes are highly proprietary, which means that buyers would have to purchase them from OEM suppliers. Unfortunately, these tubes are not always available for purchase. However, a used Dura 202 can cost up to 33,000 USD.
For facilities that have a mid-range patient volume, the tube can last up to three years.

Dura 422.

X-ray tubes that are used for 6 to 16-slice Siemens Emotions’ are the Dura 422 tubes. These tubes can last up to four years at best. A used Dura 422 tube can cost up to 60,000 USD. The same way a Dura 202 is not easy to find, so is the 422. However, it is definitely worth the effort to look for one. The prices for x-ray tubes may depend on the date manufactured and the amount of usage with the CT scanner.

When looking for a CT scanner, there are a variety of considerations, from depicting the right system based on the size of the facility to the needs of patients. Before deciding, however, it is recommended that buyers speak to a professional about the purchase. Which is where Amber USA steps in.

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