Can You Face An Arrest Warrant By Not Paying Child Support?

After a divorce, both parents have an ongoing legal duty to support their children financially. So you might be wondering what happens when a parent forgets to pay child support payment ordered by the court.

When parents’ divorce, separate, or were never married in the first place, it is their legal duty to make decisions based on custody and child support for their children. Child support is supposed to cover the basic and financial needs of the child.

Parents who don’t make their child support payments on time may face legal consequences. While the penalties may vary by state, it typically includes:

• The deduction of wages where the payment is taken out of the parent’s paycheck.
• Federal income tax intercepts where a tax refund can be taken out of the parent’s funds to cover the child support payments.
• Suspension of driving or professional license.
• Restrictions on the passport.
• The courts can also issue liens on the parent’s property to pay child support.

In today’s context, no parent is immune from paying child support. Failure to make court-ordered child support payments can even result in an arrest warrant for jail time in extreme cases. In child support cases, there are two types of warrants that can be given to the parent who fails to make the child support payments:

• A civil warrant.
In this case, the custodial parent files a complaint against the other parent stating he/she has disobeyed the court’s order to make the payments. The noncustodial parent must then appear in court where the judge will issue a penalty. This includes a fine, jail time, ordering the payment or sometimes all three (in extreme situations).

• Criminal warrant.
These warrants are issued when federal or state prosecutors are involved in child support cases. The parent found guilty of wrongful non-payment can face imprisonment.

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A Standby Guardian For Children In Emergencies

Emergency situations occur every now and then, and it is best to plan ahead. It is best to do anything and everything possible to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your children. An emergency situation regarding a child is one which results in an immediate risk to the child’s safety or wellbeing. Emergency situations usually call for the child to be placed in temporary emergency custody. That is until the case is resolved or a permanent decision is taken.

An instance where one or both parents are lost in an accident or incapacitated is quite possible. In such a scenario, if no guardian has already been appointed by the parent/s, then emergency custody precedes. If a guardian has been named for emergencies, the child may be placed under their guardianship for the time being. If your child has to be removed from your home, it is best to place them with a trusted adult. Choosing a standby guardian prior to such emergencies gives you the time to select the best person for it. It could be a trusted family member or even a close friend. Also, it is best to talk to the person that you select and let them know of your intentions. Naturally presuming that they are willing is not always best.

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Healthcare Technology

What You Need To Know Before Buying A Digital Rad Room.

When deciding to buy a Digital Rad Room for your medical practices, there are important considerations to keep in mind. This would ensure that practitioners get exactly what they require from the Rad Room.

The following information is what practitioners should know before purchasing a Digital Rad Room:

  • Make sure the types of exams to be performed are identified as well as the quantity. This can help determine the right digital system for the facility.
  • Digital Rad Rooms are the perfect option for practitioners that seek to reduce the amount of storage space needed, acquire enhanced image processing, and the ability to enable off-site diagnostic capabilities.
  • When it comes to the requirement of a generator, a high-frequency generator would require less space and would also eliminate the need for high-voltage cables.
  • For fixed DR table systems, there would be constraints when it comes to the positioning. However, some upright digital systems can provide the ability to tilt and allow table base exams for the patients and radiologists convenience.
  • It is required that the systems should be compatible with DICOM 3.0 for all newly purchased digital equipment for radiology purposes. This also includes storage devices. This facility allows future additions to the digital radiography network. However, the seller should provide DICOM statements which would explain in detail which service classes, information objects, and data encodings would be supported by the system.
  • Determine if the current archiving and communications systems are able to accommodate the integration of the new digital rad room for the facility.

If you decide a Digital Rad Room is something that will ensure comfort for patients and convenience for practitioners, it might be right for your facility. We at Amber USA guarantee we issue the finest Digital Rad Rooms. Additionally, we also offer high quality used and refurbished medical imaging equipment and have a reputation for doing so. Whether you’re looking for the newest equipment such as an Open MRI, a mobile PET/CT scanner, or even a portable digital x ray machine for sale, we have it all!
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Child Support Involving A Military Parent.

While the state’s law normally governs child support matters, military member parents have special rules regarding child support and divorce cases. Specifically, the issuing of regular divorce papers or child support orders on military spouses aren’t enough. Instead, for child support cases, a spouse must show whether or not the other spouse is active in military duty or not. If the spouse is not sure about the other military member spouse’s location, he/she may use a military locator to determine the location. While a military spouse is on active duty in another location, the judge may appoint an attorney specialized in military divorce to represent the child’s other parent.

The laws of the state would determine child support. Each state has their own guidelines when it comes to determining child support amounts. The income of each parent is the central consideration for child support calculation.

When it comes to determining the military spouse’s income, it may require some extra work. Additionally, in some cases, children can be entitled to a military allowance and benefits of the parent’s service. The extra military benefits provided for the child and parent may impact the income of the parent to pay the child support.

Unfortunately, there are situations where a parent would be out of the military and unable to make court-ordered payments. In these cases, a withholding order can be applied for. When a parent isn’t a military member, courts may use enforcement of the law on the parent. For instance, the courts can withhold the parent’s income and use those funds to cover child support, or even order jail time for the parent in extreme cases.

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Can You Get Rid Of Molluscum At Home?

Molluscum contagioscum is an irritating skin condition commonly found in children. The condition is common, which means it can be easily transmitted through direct contact with the skin of an individual who has the condition. It is a very contagious condition. However, once the bumps are gone, it no longer becomes contagious.

The virus causes a noticeable amount of bumps that look like warts on the skin. Although there are surgical treatments that can be conducted on the child’s skin for the removal of these bumps, some parents might want to try natural remedies to reduce the appearance of the bumps.

Many home remedies for the treatment of molluscum contagioscum won’t necessary cure the condition altogether, however, they can relieve itching tingling and a few other symptoms. It is essential to speak to a dermatologist before attempting any of these treatments to make sure the condition doesn’t get worse. A few of the at-home remedies include:

  • Colloidal oatmeal baths.
    Oatmeal baths can help soothe the irritated rash significantly. Finely ground oatmeal can be used by adding it to lukewarm water. The inflammatory properties of the skin condition can significantly reduce over time through this treatment.
  • Tea-tree oil.
    One of the best home based options is tea tree oil. It allows the Mollusca lesions to reduce by using it twice a day, every day. However, it can cause allergic reactions to some children. For that reason testing the oil on a small area before applying would help determine if it’s right for the child.
  • Coconut oil.
    Coconut oil would help soothe the skin surface and help prevent the skin from drying out. Avoiding oils with perfumes added is a must. This is because the alcohol would irritate the skin.

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Healthcare Technology

Renting An X-ray Machine Over Buying One.

Portable x-rays are known to be a valuable asset to hospitals, clinics, and for other medical practitioners for multiple different reasons. Portable x-ray systems are reliable, durable, lighter weight and retain their value for users. So why would it be viable for a medical facility to rent one instead of purchasing?

Well, there might be a number of reasons to rent an X-ray Machine instead of buying one. A few reasons include:

Trying it out before purchasing.

The purchase process of medical imaging equipment can be long and hectic. With that being said, buyers would want to guarantee that they’re making the right decision. If buyers think that there is a system that would be perfect for their facility, renting it out before buying can help make sure of that.

Consider the costs.

When a medical facility purchases medical imaging equipment, it isn’t just the cost of the equipment itself. There are multiple other additional costs that may come with it. This includes transport cost, service cost, maintenance etc. Renting out the system might reduce a few of the costs that come with the equipment.

Equipment failure.

Sometimes, medical practitioners may find that their equipment has failed and may require a quick solution to care for patients. While their system is being repaired, this option might be perfect.

Overall easier.

A used portable digital x ray machine is known for being lighter, sturdier, and the best option for short time use. These devices can be used on all different types of people of different sizes. Renting out a system in an emergency scenario would be an easier temporary option while buyers are considering their purchase.

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