What Do You Know About Borderline Personality Disorder?

Borderline Personality Disorder. What do you know about it? What does it mean for a person to be diagnosed with the Borderline personality disorder?

Borderline personality disorder can cause a person to have unstable moods. People with this condition find it difficult to handle interpersonal relationships. They can also result in causing harm to oneself including the risk of suicide.

Borderline personality disorder can make a person undergo intense mood swings. Mostly anger and depression that can last from a few hours to maybe a few days. These mood changes can result in the person harming oneself or can even lead to drug abuse.

When it comes to interpersonal relationships, these persons struggle a lot. That is, they are constantly afraid of being abandoned by their loved ones. They form relationships grounded on intense feelings soon. But even the slightest notion of separation will make them alert with feelings of anger and hatred. This constant fear of being left alone is what makes it hard for them to build good interpersonal relationships.

Borderline personality disorder can cause a person to harm themselves and can even lead them as far as suicide. That is why it is essential to make sure that these individuals get proper treatment as soon as possible.

Although some consider that borderline personality disorder is untreatable, it is not so. With the help of the right treatment, individuals can get back the life they used to live.

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Hidden Income & Assets

When going through with a divorce, both parties are obliged to disclose all financial information. That is the assets they own together and individually and their incomes. But unfortunately, more often than not, some spouses hide their income and assets with ulterior motives in mind.

There can be various reasons for which a spouse will take measures to hide their assets or income. Some of which are quite evident. Some spouses take these drastic measures to hide their income and assets to prevent them from being split. Property division will result in a fair distribution of assets between the parties. But if one spouse fails to disclose all information correctly, the division may not be equitable after all.

Another main reason why a spouse would hide critical information regarding income and assets is child support. A Child Custody Lawyer will help you reach a decision regarding time-sharing that is best for the child. Also, the payment of child support is necessary to fulfill the child’s needs adequately. The income of the parents is a factor considered when calculating this amount of child support. Some spouses try to show lower levels of income with the motive of gaining higher amounts of child support. While others hide their income with the purpose of paying a lesser value than which is rightfully due.

Child support and Child Custody Lawyers In Orlando thrive to get the best for your children. The parents’ divorce should not affect the child’s upbringing in an adverse manner in any case. It is advisable to obtain the best legal counsel from a Child Custody Lawyer for your situation. Make sure that you opt for someone competent in the field. With Erin Morse by your side, the best possible outcome of your divorce can be guaranteed. Divorces can be tough, and your lawyer needs to be tougher. Call the Law Office of Erin Morse now!


Signs & Symptoms Of PTSD

It is not unnatural to feel scared after a traumatic incident. These feelings are perfectly reasonable and do not always result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD. While most people recover from the shock and trauma left behind by such an incident, some don’t. Those cases can lead to Acute Stress Disorder (ASD) or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) if left untreated. In most cases, symptoms can be seen within a short while after the incident occurred. These symptoms can sometimes resurface later in life too. These symptoms can be of various types.

One such group of symptoms is recurring flashbacks to the incident in concern. These experiences must be repetitive for it to be considered as a symptom of PTSD. Also, these recurring experiences can be in the form of nightmares or sudden flashbacks or merely scary thoughts.

Also, patients experiencing PTSD may show symptoms of entirely avoiding certain things. These particular things are often related to the incident that resulted in the situation. They can instill feelings of negativity and fright in the person. In extreme instances, this can result in complete withdrawal from the most basic things in life.

Adverse mood changes can also result due to the PTSD condition. That can sometimes cause the person to feel guilty, shame and even anger at oneself and others.

Also, these individuals are always on guard and easily get startled. These symptoms of arousal can cause the individual to always be on edge.

It is important to remember that you can recover from PTSD with the right form of treatment. Contact a Psychiatrist to help diagnose your condition first and foremost. Then your Psychiatrist can help determine the course of treatment that is most effective in the scenario. At Silver Lining Psychiatry, we can help you get your life back. Contact Ocoee Psychiatrist at Silver Lining Psychiatry now to start right away.


Worst Case Scenario Of A Collaborative Divorce

Let’s face it. Collaborative divorce is not for every couple seeking to divorce out there. Divorce is mostly a result of a disagreement or some sort of problem between the spouses. When that is the case, most of us do not even want to be in the same room together. That makes it very difficult to proceed with a collaborative divorce successfully.

Many believe that collaborative divorce will cost you less money and time. That could even be so if the couple is willing to discuss matters together while considering needs of both parties.

Collaborative divorce can be cheaper than conventional divorce proceedings via litigation. That is because there will be no charges for court proceedings and so on. But there will be other charges for mental health professionals and even financial specialists.

When it comes to collaborative divorce being faster, yes, you can set your pace. The two spouses can decide when the team needs to meet for discussions. And therefore can take things at your own steady rate. On the other hand, it’s not news to you that court proceeding can drag for months and years on end. In that sense, collaborative divorce is indeed faster.

But what you need to bear in mind is this. All this can happen only if the parties are willing to set aside their differences and come to common agreements, agreements that work for both parties. As there is no threat of court involved, you may have to settle somewhere in between. The worst-case scenario of a collaborative divorce could be an utter waste of time and money. If both parties fail to resolve matters, you will have to start over with conventional divorce via litigation. And this time with new lawyers.

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Plumbing repair

Most Common Reasons For Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes are a very common plumbing issue that we encounter. Depending on how old your plumbing is, this can occur more often.

As common as it may be, it is even more so during the cold winter days. That is because, during the winter, pipes are susceptible to freeze and thaw. And this causes the pipes to crack and result in leaks. The leaks more prevalently occur at the joints.

Corrosion is another primary cause for leaky pipes. Especially if your plumbing was done over 30 years ago. Corrosion can cause the pipe to get damaged and can result in leaks. This corrosion can also occur due to the minerals dissolved in water. If certain foreign chemicals get stuck in the pipe for prolonged periods, it can also result in corrosion. That mostly occurs from clogs within a pipe.

Too high water pressure can also be damaging to the pipes. If this water pressure reaches extremely high levels, it can even result in pipes bursting. Or in certain other cases, it could steadily damage the pipes and result in leaks.

The seals that help keep connections watertight are another place where leaks can occur. These seals can degrade with time and can result in leaks occurring from joints and connections.

Whatever the cause of your leaky pipes is, it can be a disruptive inconvenience. Leaky pipes need to be treated and fixed as soon as possible to prevent a major catastrophe. Winter Garden Plumbing company, Air Tech can help you fix your leaky pipes in no time. Our Plumbing experts are always ready to attend to your plumbing emergencies. Feel free to call us up anytime. We will be on our way to fix your plumbing issues. Air Tech of Central Florida provide our clients with the most efficient, timely and cost-effective services.

Ac Repair

Application Of “Prevention Before Cure” To Your AC

The hottest days of the year are only as bearable as they are indoors because of your AC system. But what happens if your good old AC unit decides to let you down during the worst weather conditions ever? That is when you would have to call Air Tech of Central Florida, Winter Garden AC Repair. We make sure that no time is lost in attending to your AC repair as soon as possible. And you can trust us to get the issue fixed in no time.

Also, what if you could prevent the occurrence of these major breakdowns of your AC unit? Yes, in case of a repair, you need not hesitate for even a second to call Air Tech. But bear this in mind. If you invest in a few preventive measures here and there, you could make full use of the system. Yes, every appliance these days comes with an expiry date. But the way you use and maintain it will decide if you make full use out of it or not.

Monitoring and checking your AC unit every now and then can be extremely helpful in predicting a breakdown beforehand. But please bear in mind that there is a limit to which non-professionals must meddle with your system. It is very easy to touch the wrong place and break something that was in good condition initially. That is why we insist on letting our qualified technicians conduct regular maintenance and inspections of your system.

Air Tech of Central Florida is always ready to answer your calls for help. Don’t hesitate to call us up right away to attend to any issue of your AC unit. Be it any time of the day and any day of the year; our qualified technicians are always available. Call now to get the best possible service in repairing or maintaining your AC unit.


Why Should Paternity Be Established?

A father plays a major role in any child’s life. While growing up, having a father’s love and protection can do great deals of good to any child. Both parents are expected to play an equal part in bringing up a child. Even after a divorce, it is so. That is why equal time-sharing is favored in many cases unless it’s deemed unhealthy for the growth and development of the child.

Establishing paternity needs to be given sufficient attention by both fathers and mothers. Establishing paternity is not just crucial for fathers seeking custody and visitation rights to their child. But it is also for mothers who seek to obtain child support for their children.

Today as the trend of marriage is fading away, many couples seek to have kids without tying the knot. The situation prevails lovingly as long as the relationship between the two parents is going strong. But if in any case, the relationship falls apart, matters will start to arise. That is because the husband is naturally assumed to be the father of a child born within marriage. But that does not apply when the child is born outside marriage.

Your Child Support Attorney will tell you the ways you can use to establish paternity in that case. Having an affidavit acknowledging paternity signed by both the mother and father can help you out. Also, make sure that the father’s name appears on the birth certificate of the child. Your Child Support Attorney Orlando will tell you if your case is applicable to establish paternity via an Administrative Order.

Are you looking for the best Child Support Attorney Orlando who can help you protect your child’s rights? Erin Morse and her team are always ready to put your child’s best interests first and foremost. Call now to get an appointment to discuss your case.