• November 18, 2014 at 11:25 pm

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    1. For FullSail Students to Network with each other.
    2. Providing a forum for full sail students to share their questions, concerns, and concepts. As an example, a student who is looking for a safe place for an apartment creates a topic on the student’s forum. After creating the topic, the senior students can provide their feedback in the forum for the respective topic. Therefore, when someone is searching for “a safe apartments near full sail” as a topic, they will be able to find the answers in the forum.
    3. As we evolve companies will be able to network with the students, creating opportunities for the students to do freelance, work and gigs.
    4. Students will be expose to the many benefits that they can get from companies, such as discounts. coupons and offers.
    5. We will create a news feed to provide students with the latest news in their field.
    6. Students can find links in the Full Sail website with ease and expediency the information that they’re looking.
    7. The networking site will have different categories such as forum, groups, and blogging.